Taylor Swift: Has She Become Too Provocative For Her Fan Base?

Taylor Swift has certainly underwent a huge transformation when it comes to her style. It’s easy for anyone to see how much much her look has changed ever since she cut off her long blonde hair and got a sexy bob instead.

The Daily Mail has reported that the singer has been showing a lot more skin ever since she started styling her hair in a bob. The Daily Mail has come up with comparisons of her various looks when she wore her hair long vis a vis a more chic style that she developed later on. What comes to notice instantly is the black gown with plunging neck she wore at the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar party. It’s in stark contrast with a more conservative look in 2014, in which Swift didn’t show any skin. Not to mention her very risqué dress at Grammys, with her undies and tummy very much in display. However, in comparison, she wore a very conservative dress at the Giver premiere in 2014.

In the year 2014, Taylor Swift believed in staying all covered up. Even at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the singer wore lingerie which was very modest by any standards, the Huffington Post has reported. Do you think Taylor Swift has become too provocative to the fan base she sings for? The Inquisitr reported that Taylor Swift is a great role model for teenagers because of how much she accomplished at a very early age. The singer wrote her first song when she was 12, and signed the first recording contract when she was 14. She finished high school with straight As. Taylor Swift hasn’t really had any big scandals rocking her, either. Do you think it’s okay for Taylor Swift to dress up provocatively?

At a time when pop music is too sexed up, is Taylor Swift joining the band of other stars who display too much nudity in their videos?

The LA Times published graphics by data artist Nickolay Lamm, who compared the music for recurring subjects. It turned out that “back in the days,” the songs were more about love and less about sex. “I always hear people saying… songs were more about love and less about sex,” Lamm said. “So I made these graphs for words such as ‘love,’ ‘sex,’ ‘body.’ “

He used Billboard‘s Year-End Hot 100 singles, and analyzed lyrics from the 1960s to 2013 to see how often certain words were mentioned. Lamm explains: “The horizontal axis is the year of the song and the y-axis is the song’s popularity according to Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles. Each cell represents a song. The more red a song is, the more often that particular word appears in the song. For example, if a song has five ‘love’ words and a total of 100 words in the entire song, that song is assigned 5% and a particular shade of color.” Surely with the lyrics and the content of the music, what appears on the videos has changed, too.

CNN had said that there was way too much risqué content in the videos. It went as far as to say that Calvin Harris and Jessie Ware may have to rethink how risqué their online videos were. Independent research has even showed that up to 60 percent of children, aged 10 to 17, watch music videos that their parents would not approve of. In such a scenario, Taylor Swift’s comparatively less sexual videos and her rather conservative sense of dressing might have come as a breath of fresh air to most parents. But do you think Taylor Swift is joining her competition in making herself more appealing?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]