Beverly Carter, Arron Lewis: ‘Dateline’ NBC On Duct Tape Mask Death Of Arkansas Real Estate Agent, Found Buried In Shallow Grave

Beverly Carter, the missing Arkansas realtor who was later found dead and wearing a mask of duct tape in a shallow grave two years ago, will have her case probed on a future episode of Dateline NBC. This highly anticipated episode, which was scheduled to air on Friday, March 25, will be aired at a later time, according to Arkansas Online. It will go over the events leading up to the real estate agent’s disappearance and the ghastly murder that followed. Expect to hear from police officers who investigated the case, as well as friends and family members who’ll reflect on Beverly’s wonderful spirit. An autopsy report showed that the 49-year-old victim fought for air for about a minute before losing consciousness after a “death mask” was placed over her head and face. The missing woman was then dumped in a shallow grave behind a concrete company where her killer once worked.

The Vanishing Realtor—Beverly Carter

Crye Leike Realtors’ Beverly Carter went missing in September, 2014, after showing a home in the rural town of Scott. For the hard-working broker, the day started out as any other day. She would have had no way of knowing that it would be the last day that she’d ever see her family and her loved ones again. On the day she went missing, Beverly had texted friends and had spoken with family members, including her husband, whom she told that she was showing a home that day to a client. Beverly also told her husband that she would bring dinner home that evening, according to THV-11.

Fear and worry set in when the wife and mother didn’t return home as she stated, prompting her husband to reach out to their son, Carl Carter Jr. According to coverage by Nancy Grace, Beverly Carter’s husband told his son that he was worried because he was unable to reach his wife by phone, and that every time he had attempted to contact her the cell phone would automatically roll over to voice mail.

Carl Carter Jr., decided to stop by his mother’s office, but found it dark. Beverly Carter’s husband stopped by a home that Beverly was supposed to show that day and found her car abandoned and the home open. There was no sign of Beverly.

When news hit that an Arkansas real estate broker was missing, it didn’t take long before police were tipped off that a man named Arron Lewis was last seen with her at a home. People in the area recognized the man’s truck right away. He was also spotted by another person at a local subway, according to a released 911 call.

Once in custody, Arron Lewis made a series of statements implicating himself in the abduction and murder, allowing police to piece together the clues, which eventually led to the discovery of her body in the shallow grave. Arron Lewis and his wife, Crystal Lowery, were arrested and charged with murder.

Points Highlighted At Arron Lewis’ Trial

Beverly Carter was showing a home in Scott, Arkansas.

Arron Lewis tried to say that he had consensual sex with the real estate agent, and his defense attorneys tried to support that by saying that problems in Beverly’s marriage may have caused her to have an affair—a theory that was shot down, since there was no evidence that Beverly was doing anything other than going to work that day, according to Daily Mail.

Beverly Carter’s cause of death was suffocation. Here are some other key details about her last minutes alive, according to Arkansas Matters.

  • She was alive when the mask was applied. The mask on Carter’s face was tight and applying pressure. Her cause of death was asphyxia due to airway obstruction. Carter likely struggled to gain air.
  • She was bound with hands behind her back.
  • There was no evidence Carter had been choked as Crystal Lowery had testified earlier.
    Carter was partly clothed but without a blouse when brought to the lab.
    With exception of blouse all clothing appeared to be consistent with being on her body at time of death
    Carter had lapband surgery along with tummy tuck. She had abdomen band “binder” in place that appeared undisturbed.
  • Carter also had breast reduction surgery. Not uncommon to women who have lost a lot of weight. Carter would likely still have been healing.
  • Toxicology results for Carter revealed antidepressant in system. Could be used for anxiety or depression.

Don’t Blame The Victim—Safety Precautions And Dangers For Real Estate Agents Focus

The brutal death of Beverly Carter struck a fear in many real estate brokers around the country, stimulating conversation on how to take safety precautions to minimize the risk of stranger abductions, robberies, and murders in the future. Arron Lewis deliberately targeted a rich woman who worked alone. Beverly Carter did everything that she was supposed to do. She contacted family members to tell them exactly where she would be, even listing the properties just in case something happened.

Now the question is—would it have been safer to have someone else with her at the time of the abduction? Some believe, maybe not, as there have been many cases where whole families have been abducted at gunpoint. How much is too much?

In 2016, Arron Lewis was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Crystal Lowery is serving 30 years in prison. Beverly left behind her loving husband and son, and her four grandchildren. Beverly’s son, Carl Carter Jr., says that even though the family is completely devastated, he will not allow Lewis’ heinous actions to destroy his joy and make his heart bitter.

Stay tuned for the air date and time for Beverly Carter’s Dateline NBC episode.

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