Chips, Beer Litter Interstate After Trucks Collide — Semi Carrying Dip Is Nowhere To Be Found

It’s a couch potato’s dream. But for anyone trying to buzz through Interstate 95 in Florida’s Brevard County Wednesday morning, it was a nightmare.

A Florida interstate was littered with chips and beer after a crash between two trucks occurred in the early morning hours. It seems a case of perfect timing — and all the more amusing because, luckily, no one was hurt.

Sadly, mounds of chips and numerous cans of beer are now inedible and undrinkable. The loss of salty snacks and refreshing brewskis is enough to bring tears to your eyes.

“We had a front-end loader come out and scoop all of the beer and chips and pushed them to the right shoulder,” said Kim Montes, spokeswoman for the Florida Highway Patrol, according to Florida Today. “All of the products will be thrown away. they can’t take the risk of them having some type of internal damage. They’re still trying to get the chips and beer out of there.”

It all happened about 3:10 a.m. on Interstate 95 in Melbourne, Florida, NBC News reported. The crash was between a semi-tractor trailer hauling Busch beer and a box truck stuff with Frito-Lay products.

The driver hauling the beer was Roberto Ferrer Rodriguez, 54, of Miami (he was ultimately ticketed for failing to maintain a single lane), and the one hauling the chips as Zachary Basinger, 29, of Melbourne (he was not charged).

Basinger pulled to the shoulder of the interstate’s southbound lanes with his box truck of chips because he was having some unspecified trouble with his vehicle.

Enter Rodriquez with his beer. He was traveling in the right lane and attempted to pull into the center lane. Another vehicle was in the way, so he swerved back to the right. In the process, he slammed right into the truck carrying Frito-Lays.

The semi reportedly struck the back of the box truck. The semi was sheared open, spilling cans of beer across the interstate. The box truck overturned, and the impact caused the load of chips to scatter and litter the roadway.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and therefore, Montes was able to find humor in the incident.


“Neither driver was hurt, but you had Doritos and Busch beer all over I-95. That’s like a Super Bowl commercial right there.”

The interstate’s southbound lanes were closed for four hours, and a front-end loader was brought in to scoop away the junk food and beer. None of it could be salvaged. Montes said the cargo in both vehicles had been damaged.

Obviously, the five-second rule had long expired before any hungry passersby could scoop beer and chips from the interstate.

This isn’t the first time a collision has caused something unusual to spill out across the highway.


As the Inquisitr reported last June, a semi-truck driver hauling 2,200 piglets from South Carolina to an Indiana farm overturned and crashed on the side of the road in Ohio, spilling his cargo and killing up to 500 animals.

Hundreds of piglets escaped into the wilderness, some were euthanized due to injuries suffered in the crash, and others were captured and taken to county fairgrounds nearby to recover.

The driver was traveling westbound when he lost control, allegedly from navigating a curve too fast. This may have caused the semi to roll, and then crash into a guardrail and come to rest in an embankment, loosing screeching, terrified piglets all over the roadway.

And on an Oklahoma interstate in September, a truck carrying hundreds of thousands of bees overturned, unleashing the insects in a massive swarm that stretched a half-mile from the incident. The truck was carrying dozens of crate containing thousands of insects each.

One witness said “jillions and jillions” of bees were let loose, some of them spotted a half mile from the accident. The cause was never revealed.

[Photo by Valentyn Volkov/Shutterstock]