Jessica Biel Is Not Pregnant: Actress Says She Has A Gut

Is Jessica Biel pregnant with baby No. 2? That was the question that made headlines all over the internet, but is it true? Not in the least! According to Jessica Biel, she’s not expecting her second child with Justin Timberlake, although many are anticipating a baby announcement from the couple.

The actress slammed rumors that she’s expecting a bun in the oven. As reported by E! Online, Biel sat down with The Ellen DeGeneres Show to confirm that she’s not expecting. Instead, she revealed that she just has a gut — ouch!

Biel decided to chat with DeGeneres to promote her new restaurant Au Fudge, and while she was there, she was given the platform to put the record straight on rumors about her. That said, Jessica took it all in stride and even joked about people assuming she’s pregnant.

“Isn’t it exciting, guys? I don’t even know what to say about these things. I feel like, man, I thought I was doing good with my yoga practice. I thought I was doing good in the gym. But, no! I have a gut, apparently.”

Jessica even gave her hubby a call just to make sure everything was a-okay and that she wasn’t pregnant.

The actress joked to Ellen, “I was like, ‘Are we? No? OK, cool.’ He usually knows more about everything than I do.”

That said, she was open to speaking about her son, Silas, who is 11-months-old. Whether or not Silas picked up some of his daddy’s talent, Biel said that he does enjoy music.

Calling her son Timberlake’s “No. 1 fan,” Biel said, “Silas loves his music, so I want him to hear it a lot. We listen to it in the car a lot.”

There’s a reason why Silas might be particular to Timberlake’s music. While she was pregnant, Timberlake was touring, and Jessica made plenty of appearances at his concerts. Biel said she attended up to 50 concerts of Timberlake’s.

“The music was just slamming. I actually thought, ‘I’m going to damage this child.'”

Silas’ taste is growing, as Biel admitted that he doesn’t just listen to his father’s music.

“He is really, really in love with Erykah Badu. He loves her music. He beats to her music. He loves that. He’s gotten, just recently, these drum sets. He likes to drum, and he likes to play his piano and he likes to drum with his head—which I just think that’s genius, if you ask me.”

So where did these rumors come from that she’s pregnant with baby No. 2? Well, as the Inquisitr reported, Life & Style was reporting via an anonymous source that the couple were expecting.

“They like the idea of having their kids close in age so that they can go to the same schools together. They are both ecstatic about becoming new parents again and are already talking about baby names.”

The source went on to say that Timberlake vows to stay home with Biel for baby No. 2. As stated, Justin was on tour when Jessica was pregnant with Silas, which made it a stressful time, according to the report. It looks like we can put this rumor to bed for now.

It makes sense that Biel isn’t expecting, as she’s plenty busy with her new restaurant and her acting career. Currently, Jessica has three films that are in all various stages of production.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS]