‘Supernatural’ Season 11 Theories: Is Lucifer Dying?

Supernatural has been one show where continuity in legends set up within the show is not usually a problem. So why is it that the writers seem to have forgotten that Lucifer could only thrive in his true vessel, Sam Winchester?

Melty believes that the writers have not quite forgotten the Season 5 lore but are taking a slightly different approach. Back in Season 5, Lucifer had Nick say yes but then found that his vessel deteriorated. By the time Sam had said yes, Nick was a shadow of his former self. It was a very big part in why Sam just had to say yes. The apocalypse just could not happen without him. Michael managed to get Adam to say yes, and it soon turned out that blood relatives could hold the archangels better than just anyone who said yes.

Fast-forward to Supernatural Season 11, and Castiel has said yes to Lucifer. In Season 10, Castiel had made a point that Jimmy was long gone and that he solely possessed the vessel now, which suggests that this is now Castiel’s form and the possessing by Lucifer is going to work slightly different. This time, Castiel’s form is not deteriorating. Could the writers have forgotten?

It is possible that the different route is that Lucifer is weakening on the inside. There is no way he would show his weakness to everyone, and considering his arrogance, he may not even realize that he is weakening.

Supernatural shows that this is certainly a plausible Season 11 theory. Back in Episode 14, Castiel was able to take over the vessel again, albeit temporarily. He could warn Sam and save him from death. This also adds to the theory that Lucifer does not realize he is weakening; he was willing to kill Sam, the true vessel.

Taking this different path would be beneficial in numerous ways. One of those is that Castiel can still help by taking over his vessel again in the future. It would be a battle on the side between angel and archangel. There are also plenty of fans who would not want to see Castiel’s vessel destroyed. Misha Collins is a firm favorite in Supernatural, and fans want to see him in Season 12.

Another theory is that the angel is able to withstand more than a normal human would. It may take longer to see Castiel’s form deteriorate, and that may be something that is seen in full later in Season 11 of Supernatural.

The storyline this week did not really give much of an insight into Lucifer’s possible deterioration. Supernatural‘s episode Safe House primarily focused on Dean and Sam working on a case that Bobby and Rufus once worked on. This time, they found a way to bring an end to the soul catcher demon, rather than just locking him up like the older hunters did in the past.

It was a standalone episode to come back after the month-long hiatus, and one that most fans enjoyed entirely. Bringing back old favorites is always a hit, as long as it is done right; and that was just what this Supernatural episode accomplished.

Next week looks like Sam is in danger. It is the return of Billie the Reaper, as well as more werewolves. Billie has said from the start that the Winchesters are getting no more chances at life, and she is here to make sure Sam passes on. How will he survive, and could it be another episode where Castiel has to take over Lucifer to save his friend? It would certainly be a good time to show how Lucifer is deteriorating without his true vessel on Supernatural.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]