‘The Division’ Falcon Lost Incursion Raid Renamed, And Fans Ponder Taking On A Tank

Tom Clancy’s The Division by Ubisoft Massive is gaining popularity, and the recent 1.0.2 update came out to take care of issues with the game. With the free update, called Incursions, coming out in April, there was another revealed earlier this month, the Falcon Lost Incursion.

Recently, it was reported by GameRant that this name has changed to something else. The bottom of the map indicates what is now called an Operation, with the renamed Falcon Lost to Last Stronghold. Then after that it says, “Coming soon in a free update!”


This alteration was rather unannounced, and it was really the in-game observers that took notice. A reason wasn’t even given. So, would the title change suggest a change in content for this particular operation, or perhaps Ubisoft Massive was of the opinion that Falcon Lost didn’t have much “pizzazz” as the newly named title?

For The Division game players unfamiliar with what an incursion is, it’s a mission geared toward teaming up with your fellow agents to take on a series of challenging foes, a boss, and end-game content. Usually, nice high-end loot is dropped, some usually offer pieces to full gear sets. Repeat visits to this game mission can allow for a “collect ’em all” mentality when completing your gear set ensemble.

But now does the change from “incursion” to “operation” seem more appropriate? Perhaps the latter has a more realistic sounding military name, not unlike Operation Desert Storm or Operation Rolling Thunder?

Of course, the difference here is that the “incursions” are more domestic than foreign.

Speaking of which, The Division fans were bandying about the idea of offering up challenges of a different variety. The Bit Bag took into consideration that some may get tired of the heavy machine gun encounters, the repeat visage of axe-wielding thugs, PPE-wearing Cleaners, and a lot of duck, roll, fire, and maneuver strategies.

Enter the armored confrontation idea discussed by The Division Reddit users. The ideas of having a tank to take on as an end-game boss may sound appealing. After all, there’s already a formidable encounter with The Last Man Battalion. The focus, per The Bit Bag, is on a “mechanics-based game play.” The following paragraph is a bit of a spoiler.

The Last Man Battalion has a mission that involves an encounter with a heavily armored helicopter. The Redditors were highly agreeable in having to take on a near impossible foe.

“Give us a boss battle against a tank – one that players can’t really damage. Let it be more mobile than you’d expect, so players actually have to move around large areas, down streets, etc.”

The Division gamers seem to be of the mind that this would allow for more of a thinking scenario that would engage in the mechanics-based game play. One that comes to mind, according to Bit Bag, is the General Assembly mission, where players had to reprogram turrets to engage their opponents.

Suggestion given involved more than just taking out a tank by blasting at its outer hull, likely ineffectively. It was mentioned a situation in which to incapacitate the tank by taking out its treads.

This game scenario is reminiscent to the movie Saving Private Ryan, when they were lacking ordinance to take out the Panzer and Tiger tanks. Enter the hand-made sticky bomb.


Sound familiar? You may have them mapped to your keyboard already, just a bit more modernized.

Tom Clancy’s The Division game ensemble of year one updates include the free Incursions set for April and Conflict in May. Next is the ensemble of expansions starting with Underground in June, Survival come this summer, and this winter’s The Last Stand expansion.

[Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]