Britney Spears ‘Tilt Ya Head Back’ Demo Leaks: New Album ’80 Percent’ Complete

A Britney Spears demo has leaked online! According to E! News, Britney Spears recorded a demo for “Tilt Ya Head Back” with Nelly several years ago, and it has just now surfaced. Nelly released the track in 2004 after recording it with Christina Aguilera.

The single didn’t do so hot back then, peaking at No. 58 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Interestingly enough, however, the song was originally offered to Britney, but her record label deemed it too “urban.”

Spears, however, actually recorded a demo and that’s what fans are getting to hear today.

“Both Aguilera and Janet Jackson were considered after Spears opted out. Twelve years later, a snippet of Spears’ demo surfaced online, giving fans an idea of what could have been. Singapore’s Gold 905 radio station shared 30 seconds of the song, which then made a splash on social media.”

Britney Spears has been in the studio over the past couple of months, working hard on a new album expected to drop later this year. Fans went crazy when they learned that a new Britney track had leaked online today, but it’s actually not a “new” track at all, and it’s certainly not something that will be on her latest album. However, new Britney music is new Britney music, and fans seem to be loving the snippet anyway.

As E! News points out, plenty of artists record the same songs, especially when one records a demo and decides against using it on an album or releasing it as a single. And “Tilt Ya Head Back” certainly isn’t the first demo of Britney’s to leak online. In 2010, a version of Britney’s “Telephone” leaked online — the song was actually released by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé one year earlier.

The songs that Britney Spears has chosen to stick with, however, have really molded her career. In 2013, T-Boz from TLC talked about one particular song that the group passed on. This particular song? It made Britney super-famous.

“I was like, I like the song but do I think it’s a hit? Do I think it’s TLC? I’m not saying, ‘Hit me baby.’ No disrespect to Britney. It’s good for her. But was I going to say, ‘Hit me baby one more time’? Hell no! Every song isn’t good for each artist. When you’re a real artist you know what you believe in and what you really want to sing. So, I’m clear that it was a hit, but I’m also clear that it wasn’t for TLC,” T-Boz told MTV.

As far as a new Britney Spears album goes, here’s what fans know. The album — which is said to be a different vibe from Britney Jean — is almost finished. Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph, spoke out about Britney’s new music and said that she’s “never sounded better,” this according to Capital FM.

“[The album’s] probably about 80% of the way done. I’m thrilled with it. I spoke to her this morning and she said, ‘This is my favorite album that I’ve ever done.’ It’s different, it’s a turn. The last few albums have been pretty straight-forward pop. This is almost like, if you can imagine, Britney meets The Weeknd. It’s got [a] really interesting vibe, it’s a lot of really cool stuff,” Larry explained.

“Tilt Ya Head Back” will not be on Britney Spears’ latest album and, so far, none of the track names have leaked, nor have any snippets of upcoming songs. Britney has not said too much about making new music, but fans simply can’t wait for that news to arrive.

Are you a Britney Spears fan? What do you think of “Tilt Ya Head Back”? Do you think Britney’s version is better than Christina Aguilera’s?

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment]