Police Investigating Death At Disney's Contemporary Resort -- Person Suspected Of Jumping To Death

Police are now investigating a death that took place at Disney's Contemporary Resort on Tuesday afternoon. The death at the Walt Disney World Resort is believed to have been a suicide and some online reports are stating that the person actually jumped from the central A-frame tower of the resort.

According to My News 13, investigators believe that the person was a guest at the Walt Disney World Resort, and that they took their own life. As of yet, there is no cause of death and the Orange County Sheriff's Office would not give any further details.

Fire trucks and other medical emergency vehicles were seen heading toward the Contemporary in the afternoon.

The 10 p.m. news for My News 13 in Orlando did state that numerous people had sent them reports of a crime scene at Disney's Contemporary Resort on Tuesday afternoon.

Upon checking up more on things, they were able to find out from the Orange County Sheriff's Department that someone had taken their own life.

Very little information has come out yet regarding the situation, but it is known that the Disney Monorail system did come to a halt on Tuesday afternoon around 4:00 p.m. There were a host of complaints on social media that both the Express Monorail and Resort Monorails were not operating for some time.A Disney spokesperson was asked about the situation and for any information regarding the person's death at the Contemporary Resort. That spokesperson would not comment on the incident, but simply said that the Disney Monorail system was back up and running.

Any reports of the person's cause of death or that they jumped to their death off of the Contemporary Resort have not been confirmed.

As of Tuesday evening, the police had also not revealed any information about the person that took their own life. It is not known if that person was a male or female or what their age may have been or the reasoning for their actions.

Over the years, there have been a number of reports of different deaths at Walt Disney World coming from suicide, heart attacks, accidents on attractions, and such. Many of them end up getting wrong stories out via social media and then need to be corrected later on.

walt disney world disney's contemporary resort death suicide monorail jump building
[Image via Danny Cox]Some are of a more serious nature such as the incident at Disney's Contemporary Resort today, and there are other times the Disney Monorail ends up having an accident of some kind.

Back in November, there was an incident that had been reported on social media by a number of people when a Disney Monorail had an accident. Some thought there had been multiple injuries, but as cleared up by Orlando Weekly, there were none.

It ended up being a monorail that had broken down on the rail and was being towed back to the maintenance yard. While being towed back, it ended up having another mechanical problem and crashed into the tow vehicle and damaging the monorail further.

Reports from a Disney forum on WDW Magic even speak of an incident in the summer of 2005 where a guest at Disney's Contemporary Resort saw a situation similar to what happened on Tuesday. The forum member said they had been questioned by a sheriff early in the morning and were trying to figure out information regarding another guest who had been pushed or jumped from their room balcony.

As of now, Disney has not said much regarding Tuesday's incident, but it could very well be due to the Orange County Sheriff's Office still conducting their investigation. Either way, it is known that someone did take their own life at Disney's Contemporary Resort, and information is still being gathered.

[Image by Disney]