Mila Kunis Pregnant With Baby No. 2?

Jessica Dafoe

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are truly an adorable couple and seen to be fantastic parents to their 1-year-old daughter Wyatt. The sweet little family tries to keep a low profile, yet on occasion can be spotted out and about enjoying their time together like a normal unit.

Sources who witnessed the couple taking a stroll with baby Wyatt through Studio City said that they saw what looked like a baby bump on the Ted actress. Apparently, the couple has been in talks about having a second little one but were waiting until Mila wrapped filming of her latest film Bad Moms.

According to Parent Herald, the time is now. Kunis is finished filming and may already be ahead of schedule, pregnant with no. 2.

"The long wait is finally over as Bad Moms already progressed to the post-production stage, which means that Mila Kunis is no longer needed on set. This being said, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher can finally start and work things out in terms planning for baby number 2."

"While the sensational (in a bad way) magazine OK! begins its latest story by claiming she has a 'tiny bump,' and ends its drivel also alleging she's 'hiding a tiny baby bump,' the entire middle of its pathetically (not) reported article is filled with empty speculation and backtracking. The tabloid writes that Kunis and Ashton Kutcher want to 'expand their family,' and that it's going to happen now that Kunis has wrapped production on Bad Moms. The outlet then quotes one of its seemingly phony sources saying the actress was planning 'to get pregnant as soon as she was done filming,' and now that it's completed, 'It's possible there will be baby news soon.'"
"A mutual friend of ours and Kunis assures us the magazine's manufactured report is 'wrong.'"

[Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images]