‘What Will Be Coming Is Worse,’ ISIS Warns On Twitter, Celebrates #Belgium_Is_On_Fire_From_Explosives

What will be coming is worse. That is the message being sent by ISIS via Twitter. As reported by the Inquisitr, one man wearing a white coat is still being sought by authorities in Brussels, who warn that the man could be armed with explosive devices. A photo of the man was captured via CCTV, with three men in total shown in the photo that could be related to the horrific explosions at an airport and metro train station in Brussels on Tuesday, March 22. Therefore, to read the threats that what will be coming is worse than the bomb explosions in Belgium that claimed 34 lives and injured approximately 230 people is indeed troublesome.


A search for “What will be coming is worse” on Twitter proves all sorts of reactions to the ominous warnings from ISIS supporters being issued via the social networking site.


According to CNN, some ISIS supporters celebrated the Brussels attacks on Twitter.

New Europe reports that the “What will be coming is worse” ISIS Twitter message used a super-long hashtag with underscores to describe that Belgium was on fire from explosives. It was a similar scene reminiscent of the wake of the attacks in Paris, France.

As of this writing, there are no Instagram posts under the hashtag #belgium_is_on_fire_from_explosives or the #belgiumisonfirefromexplosives hashtag, nor does Twitter currently list any #belgiumisonfirefromexplosive at the moment. Those that feature the #Belgium_is_on_fire_from_explosives hashtag on Twitter thus far represent one article noting the foreboding ISIS warning.


As reported by New Europe, the ISIS Twitter user who supported the alleged ISIS-inspired attacks on Twitter had his Twitter account suspended, but not prior to his message being documented by the publication.

“What will be coming is worse. With the permission of God, the lions came to take revenge for the killing of Muslims in Syria and Iraq. #Brussels, if you continue your war against the religion of Allah then this is our response. Allahu Akbar, #Belgium_is_on_fire_from_explosives.”

As far as the “What will be coming is worse” message, some are now hijacking that thought process from ISIS and using it to spread messages of hopes, fears, or other clarion calls.


The fact that ISIS has issued a new warning that what could be coming in terms of terrorism might be worse than the explosive devices used Tuesday in Brussels has caused folks to react with their own thoughts on the matters of terrorism on Facebook.

On Facebook, Michael Schabowski shared Allen West’s post about the ISIS threats about worse things coming and wrote that he would take the hardline when it came to such a threat.

“‘Allahu Akbar, ‪#‎Belgium_is_on_fire_from_explosives‬.’ The reason I could never run for office is that my first response to the above would be to turn the Middle-East into a glass parking lot.”

Europe is being called a battlefield and a target for ISIS-trained militants. According to ISIS, Belgium was deemed “a country participating in the international coalition against the Islamic State.”

From Glenn Beck to ordinary folks expressing their opinions on social media, people are weighing in with their views on the chilling ISIS warning that threatened what will be coming is worse. As written by Facebook user Webster Wiley, who uploaded two photos with his thoughts on ISIS, links between ISIS and foretold evil biblical days informed his logic on the attacks in Brussels.

“ISIS is the mother of Horus…WW3 is nearer than you think. For I strongly suggest you learn about God and Jesus before it’s too late.”


[Photo by Michel Spingler/AP]