Katie Rost Says Karen Huger Is Wrong: ‘RHOP’ Star Too Uptight And Rude?

Katie Rost was rather absent during Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, as she didn’t show up for Gizelle Bryant’s makeup testing party. Rather than give notice that she wasn’t going to show up to the party, she decided to focus on her own ventures, and that didn’t sit well with Gizelle. However, it was the final party during Sunday’s episode that really caught Katie’s attention. During the O-Gala, Karen revealed that she didn’t want her daughter to hang out with Ashley Darby because she was a bad influence.

According to a new Bravo report, Katie Rost is now sharing her thoughts, and she thinks Karen couldn’t be any more wrong about Darby. In fact, many of the wives thought that Huger’s comments were out of line and very uneducated. It sounds like she was judging Darby for something that didn’t happen.

“I didn’t attend Gizelle’s event because I needed to focus on my own work. Everyone else was looking out for number one, I just followed suit. However, since the ‘focus’ group, I told Gizelle I’d help her in the future. She doesn’t need my help with a focus group. I’m better suited for promotion once she gets her product together. I wish her all the luck in the world,” Katie Rost reveals in her blog for the show.

But that isn’t all she has to share about this Real Housewives star.

“Karen’s event was confusing. She absolutely did not make it clear it was a launch to announce another launch, which is a concept I’ve never heard of before other than a press release or press party. However, I understand her deciding to scale back just as I decided to rethink my event. We all have to adjust and adapt as conditions change. That’s part of the game,” Katie Rost points out, adding that she has nothing but respect for Ashley. “I think Ashley is an incredible role model and woman. She represents herself and her family AND this area very well. Karen is way off base in her assessment of Ashley. I think Rayvin, and any other young lady would benefit from having Ashley as a role model. She’s a rockstar.”

In her own blog for the show, Darby pointed out that Karen’s arguments were not valid — just as Katie thinks. Huger kept saying that she felt disrespected when Michael showed up at the beach home he owned to surprise his wife. When the couple went golfing with Karen and her husband, he kept arguing that he didn’t want Michael seeing his wife in skimpy outfits. But Darby questioned how he then felt seeing Karen in her dresses for the show, where her cleavage was always hanging out. While Rost didn’t say this, it is possible she feels the same way. Something just wasn’t making sense for her.

And it sounds like Katie Rost couldn’t be in more agreement that Karen is completely wrong about her thoughts on the beach house weekend and Michael’s surprise. In her own blog for the show, Huger revealed that her co-star had downright lied about what was happening.

“The fact that Ashley said that I didn’t want any of the ladies around my daughter was a bold face lie! I believe she purposely misunderstood what I said to her. Everyone hates being incorrectly quoted. Unfortunately, Ashley has exhibited behavior unbecoming to a young woman,” she revealed.

Katie was present during the girls’ weekend, and she was also present during the confrontation during the O-Gala. And she couldn’t understand her co-star’s anger at all. Some people have expressed a dislike for Huger, who is coming across as rude, arrogant and self-absorbed.

What do you think of Katie Rost taking Darby’s side during this pointless argument?

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