Brussels Videos, Photos: 2 Bomb Explosions At Brussels Airport, Metro Station Caught On Tape [Graphic]

At least two bomb explosions that took place in Brussels, Belgium, on Tuesday, March 22, have taken lives. As seen in the above photo, the Zaventem Airport was one of the locations of the devastation, with photos and videos showing windows that were blown out during the terrorist attack. It’s not clear whether or not the first explosion was designed to bring first responders to the scene, with the second blast designed to kill those first responders in Brussels, but more information is coming in by the minute. Videos and photos of the bomb blasts in Brussels are also flowing into social media. As seen in the below video from Anna Ahronheim on Twitter, people can be seen running from the airport in Brussels as smoke billows in the background.


David Crunelle has video of the Brussels airport bomb blast aftermath on his Twitter page, as seen below.


Another video below is a YouTube video titled “Brussels Airport Two Bomb Attacks Video 22.03.2016,” which is black and white security photo footage that obviously was recorded during the Brussels bomb attacks. In the video, people inside the airport in Brussels can be seen ducking as they all react to the Brussels bomb going off.

Warning: The below video could be upsetting to some viewers.

Update: Mashable reports that the CCTV videos that some are claiming on YouTube are of the Brussels explosions are actually videos from previous bomb blasts from 2011 or other years.

Another video below, titled “Video: Attentaten Terror in Brüssel,” which translates to “Video: Bombing Terror in Brussels” in English, appears to show the devastation directly after the bomb attack inside the airport. In the video, it sounds as if one person is telling another that a terrorist bomb attack has happened, with one man asking someone off camera if they are okay after the bomb blast. Abandoned suitcases and luggage can be seen in the video, with smoke around the airport and people running in terror.

The windows that were blown out of the airport show part of the power of the blasts. As a result, European authorities have clamped down on security at airports. Also, the security on subways in Europe has increased. European country borders have been tightened as well on Tuesday due to the Brussels airport and subway explosions.

As seen in the video on Metro, bombing victims and those affected by the Belgium terror attacks react in panic as screams and cries are heard after the bombing blasts.

Other videos coming from the airport in Brussels show the chaos in the wake of the bombings, with people trying to reassure one another that everything’s okay. One man can be heard cursing in the video as he asks where the soldiers are in the wake of the blast. He also says that he’s not leaving.

Warning: The following video contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.


Horrific photos of injuries resulting from the deadly blast in Brussels are also coming in to social media.

According to the Telegraph, the terror attacks in Brussels started at approximately 8 a.m. local time at the airport.

Those who were near the blasts reported what they saw and heard.

“It was nearly 8 a.m. we saw a mist…very dense with an ochre kind of smoke.”

“There was a gunshot after I heard a man speaking Arabic. Then I heard a ‘boom’ — an enormous explosion.”

“There was glass everywhere — crash, crash, crash everywhere. It was total confusion. There were upset women falling down and crying. It was truly hell.”

Approximately one hour later, there was smoke witnessed as it billowed near Maelbleek metro station in Belgium near the European Union headquarters. There had also been a bomb blast at the metro station, with the aftermath videos of the bomb blast seen on the Twitter page of Evan Lamos.


As a result of the bombings, Belgium has raised its terror threat level.

[Photo by Peter Dejong/AP]