‘Supernatural’ Season 11 Returns On Wednesday: Flashbacks Of Bobby And Rufus Included

After a month-long hiatus, Supernatural Season 11 will return on Wednesday, March 23. The episode, titled “Safe House,” will include flashbacks of fan-favorite hunters Bobby Singer and Rufus Turner.

Supernatural has had no new episodes for the last three weeks, and fans have not been pleased. The month-long hiatus has allowed the cast to visit fan conventions — something they love to do — and film the final scenes of Season 11. It also means that the crew can get all the post-production work finished in time for airing. The season finale of the show will air on May 25, so there is not long left.

The last episode did not have the main focus on the overall storyline as it usually does before a break. While Crowley escaped and got hold of a Hand of God and tried to use it on Lucifer (still in Castiel’s vessel), Dean and Sam Winchester fought off a Crossroads Demon who was taking the initiative to collect his own souls, all while they were supposed to be spending some time out of the bunker to have fun.

This week sees the return of Supernatural, but it looks like another standalone episode for the boys. However, fans will not be completely disappointed, as it does mean the return of Bobby and Rufus. Bobby, played by Jim Beaver, was last seen in Season 10 for the episode “Inside Man” when he helped Sam Winchester take down Metatron from inside heaven, Design & Trend reminds readers. Meanwhile, Rufus was last seen inside Bobby’s head in Season 7.

Both hunters have died, but that does not mean they have been forgotten. On Supernatural, dead does not necessarily mean the characters stay gone forever. Rufus died in Season 6 and Bobby died in Season 7 but have both been back in the show.

This week will see flashbacks of the two of them working a case together. It is unclear just how far back this case will be at the moment, but it is suspected that it takes place within the last 10 years. Supernatural writers will need to be careful; when Rufus was introduced in Season 3, Bobby had described him as a hermit. Just how will the two of them decide to come together for a case? Had they just both happened to face the same creature at the same time and then decided to work together? It would not be the first time something like this has happened.

While they worked on a case, it was not completely solved. In this week’s Supernatural, the Winchester brothers will return to the house after discovering the creature has escaped. It will be up to them to put an end to the monster in a way their father-figure and mentor was unable to.

There are also hopes that the overall storyline will make an appearance in “Safe House.” The Supernatural trailer for Episode 16 teases that Amara, played by Emily Swallow, will make an appearance. Castiel agreed for Lucifer to take him over because Lucifer is supposed to be the only person, except God, who can destroy Amara (The Darkness) or, at least, lock her away again.

Crowley is expected to make a return, as he turns to the Winchesters for help. Now that he has escaped Lucifer’s claws, he will have the whole of Hell after him. Nobody is on his side, viewing him as a poor leader. He will hope that the Winchesters have enough love for him to help protect him, especially when it is either him or Lucifer.

Supernatural will air on March 23 at 9/8c, only on the CW.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]