Donald Trump Supporters Drive Over Graves To Get To Illinois Rally, Infuriate Locals

In an act that is described as going “beyond normal decency,” it appears that some Donald Trump supporters chose to drive over grave stones in order to get to a recent rally. Local central Illinois police are investigating a disturbing situation after supporters at a recent Donald Trump rally chose to drive their automobiles over multiple grave markers at a private cemetery on Sunday.

The Donald Trump rally in question was held at the Synergy Flight Center; according to local law enforcement, including Bloomington Police Chief Brendon Heffner, police officers were not responsible for directing Donald Trump supporters to park at the East Lawn Memorial Gardens across the street.

Campaign Rally [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]According to a report from The Washington Times, at least some Donald Trump supporters chose to park on the property anyway. Ultimately, three grave stones were damaged and several more marked with tire tracks after the vehicles of Donald Trump supporters opted to drive their cars and trucks through the muddy cemetery. By the time local law enforcement became involved with the situation, many of the cars were already gone, according to the local police chief.

“It is deplorable what happened. We are investigating this just like we would any other criminal damage to property incident.”

A local resident, Charlotte Twyford of Downs, said that she is related to two souls buried in the private cemetery desecrated by Trump supporters. She told local reporters that several of the headstones in the graveyard had been broken, going on to add that some of the Donald Trump supporters attending the Trump event had a “total disrespect for the graves.”

Even the town mayor, Tari Renner, said that he was disappointed when he found out what the Donald Trump supporters had done.

“It is very disturbing. I know Trump has a rowdy crowd, but this goes beyond normal decency.”

Beyond normal decency.

Trump Supporters Park On Graves [Photo By @datachick/Twitter]The private cemetery’s general manager was equally distraught. Jim Hough told local reporters that he would like to be involved with the planning of subsequent Donald Trump events to ensure that that nothing like this happens again in the future. According to Hough, he didn’t “know what [we] could have done” to prevent the damage at the private cemetery. According to the general manager, the cemetery doesn’t “have gates, per se.” He suggested putting in posts and chains in the near future to prevent similar damage in the future; however, he lamented that doing so might be “keeping out people who want to get in for their family.” According to Hough, the next time a Donald Trump event comes his way, he’d prefer the chance to simply “meet with the event coordinators” to “help them plan.” Ultimately, according to the general manager of East Lawn Memorial Gardens, he’d just like to prevent something of this magnitude from happening again as a result of overzealous Donald Trump supporters.

Local police chief Heffner also weighed in on the situation created by the unscrupulous parking habits of the Donald Trump supporters in Illinois. According to Heffner, a “no trespassing” and/or “no parking” sign might prevent Donald Trump’s supporters from desecrating these, or other, graves in the future.

Trump Supporters Park on Graves [Photo By @datachick/Twitter]In order to repair the damage already done by Donald Trump supporters who were less than discerning in their parking choices, local firefighters stepped up to the plate. According to the report, Bloomington firefighter Michael Hartwig told members of the press that member of the local firefighter’s union 49, as well as Normal Firefighters Local 2442 stepped up to the plate. Members of both groups came to the cemetery Monday with one goal in mind: to repair as much damage as possible that occurred as a result of Donald Trump supporters carelessly visiting the area.

While Donald Trump famously promised to pay for the legal costs of one of his supporters who sucker-punched a protester (he then changed his mind on that promise, then changed his mind again), per a Washington Post report, neither Donald Trump nor his supporters have offered to pay the costs associated with refurbishing the damaged cemetery.

[Image courtesy of @ddjones1906/Twitter]