‘Gotham’ Star David Mazouz Sides With The Justice League

Gotham cast members were invited to attend the world premiere of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier this evening and it was an invitation that David Mazouz, who plays Gotham‘s younger version of Bruce Wayne, wasn’t about to pass up. As might be true of any self-respecting DC Entertainment superhero, Mazouz proved himself to be a devoted fan of the Justice League. In fact, the Gotham actor didn’t have any nice words for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Gotham Star David Mazouz Compares Justice League To The Avengers

It should be noted that there has been a long-standing rivalry between most DC Comics and Marvel Comics fans with feuds causing almost as much drama and heartbreak as the rivalries found among sports fans. David Mazouz’s views are certainly not unusual in that respect, though one might not want to be around when Iron Man or the Hulk hear his outspoken thoughts.

The Gotham star was caught on the red carpet, just prior to entering the theater to view the Batman v. Superman premiere, and one reporter asked Mazouz which side would win in a battle between the Justice League and the Avengers.

“I’m sorry, we are at a DC Comics thing here. The Avengers are out. Justice League. I mean, come on. Martian Manhunter, Aquaman. I can’t. I can’t… Justice League,” said Gotham‘s own Bruce Wayne actor.

Foremost on David’s mind was a brawl between DC’s Wonder Woman and Marvel’s Black Widow. Could Mazouz have a crush on Gal Gadot? Could be, considering the Gotham star said Wonder Woman would destroy Black Widow.

The Gotham actor didn’t stop there, however. David added more predictions in a battle that many fans on both sides would probably pay good money to see.

“Because their powers are so much greater. I mean, who do the Avengers have,” questioned Gotham‘s Mazouz, when asked why he would side with the Justice League.

David went on to answer his own question, further throwing shade at Marvel and at the Avengers in particular. The Gotham star made it clear he’s no fan of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark.

“A guy in some iron suit, that’s not even iron. It’s actually bread. Then there is a big green guy. Calm on. We have Aquaman. We have Wonder Woman. We have The Flash. There’s no way.”

Gotham actor David Mazouz also had something to say about the headquarters of each super squad, expressing an opinion that a base of operations should be away from the general public. Makes sense, coming from a guy who just discovered his Batcave.

“Justice League’s headquarter are in space. The Avengers headquarters are like somewhere in Iron Man’s city,” Gotham‘s Mazouz said. “Like, who cares. It wouldn’t be close.”

Gotham‘s Rise Of The Villains Teases The Birth Of The Riddler

Another Gotham actor, Cory Michael Smith, was too busy plotting games and traps to bother with the Batman v. Superman premiere. Smith, who plays Ed Nygma on Gotham, revealed that Nygma is about to make a big evolutionary jump toward becoming the Riddler, which will involve framing James Gordon and getting him sent to prison.

The Gotham actor said viewers will see a change in the way his character is portrayed. Nygma’s antics in Season 2 have been violent and bloody, which the actor said are characteristics certainly present in the comic books, but he added that the Riddler will be more playful on future episodes of Gotham.

“I think the Riddler most people love is the one that makes games and puzzles and traps. I was very happy when I first read the script, because he’s creating quite a complex set-up to trap James Gordon and frame him,” the Gotham actor said. “But I like this color of the Riddler. I think it’s what sets him apart from other villains.”

Off set, Cory said he’s not a big puzzle player, but he said he really enjoyed reading all of the Batman comic books featuring the Riddler for his Gotham research. He said he’s told showrunner Bruno Heller how much he’s been enjoying becoming the Riddler, particularly as the character becomes more playful and gets into playing more games.

Gotham airs Monday nights on Fox.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]