Tattooed Stranger Makes A Child’s Dream Of Owning A Bicycle Come True

A tattooed mystery man made a young boy’s dream come true when he purchased a bicycle for the child because his mother could not afford to replace a stolen one. The tattooed stranger known only to Ontario mom Mary Hicks as “Jimbo” overheard a conversation about the cost of a new bike and generously stepped in to help, MSN reports.

“Jimbo” is reportedly a large man “covered in tattooes.” The stranger handed Mary Hicks’ son $350 to buy a bicycle during a spontaneous moment of compassion at an Ontario department store. “No child should ever be without a bike in the summer,” the tattooed “Jimbo” reportedly told Hicks and the boy. The only stipulation to the gift was that Mary Hicks buy her son a bike at either a local shop or from a Canadian company.

The tattooed stranger who had been playing “middle-of-the-aisle” hockey in the store with another boy gave Mary Hicks’ son a “high-five” and disappeared as quickly as he had arrived. “Jimbo” may not know it, but he has been given a new nickname by Ontario residents, Department Store Superhero.

“It brings a tear to my eye,” Mary Hicks wrote in a “Letter to the Editor” she penned in The Chronicle Journal. “I am astonished at the kind hearted, selfless action of this individual. Our community is quickly sliding downhill with crime and, to be honest, when I saw this man approach I was nervous. It just goes to show you cannot judge a book by its cover.”


Neither Mary or “Jimbo” the tattooed Department Store Superhero, likely expected the type of global attention the story about the money for a bicycle has garnered. In our modern world with around the clock news coverage, we frequently hear stories about crime, corruption and the general unpleasantness of human nature. Thank you tattooed “Jimbo” for providing some uplifting news today and helping restore our faith in mankind.