Choose Your Flower Girl Wisely – Little Girl Falls Asleep At the Alter [video]

An adorable curly-haired flower girl falls asleep at the alter during a Kentucky wedding. Claire Miller infused a bit of humor into the formal wedding ceremony when she curled up behind the bride and groom and tried to take a nap. Weddings may be beautiful, but are sometimes a bit too long for even the most romantic adults. Expecting toddlers to stand still and quiet for a long period of time is a recipe for disaster.

Flower girl Claire Miller attempted to complete her duties to the bride, but she apparently just had used up all of her energy and needed a quick nap, the Huffington Post notes. As the priest officiating the Kentucky wedding ceremony was about to present the bride and groom, the little flower girl gently rolled off one of the alter steps onto the floor.

Claire Miller was totally unharmed, but her mother looked a little embarrassed as she collected her bundle of joy adorned in a multitude of lace and crinoline from the church floor. The funny flower girl video was posted on YouTube by a cousin of the Lexington, Kentucky bride. The bride’s cousin and the majority of thousands of YouTube viewers found the incident very entertaining.

Some viewers however expressed their concerns about the sleepy flower girl’s health and note she should have been “check out” and shown more compassion. In all likelihood the flower girl’s mother felt her forehead and asked if she had a tummy ache once she picked up the sleeping girl so the bride did not trip over her during the wedding kiss.

Clair Miller’s flower girl career may be over, but she was only doing what so many of us have been tempted to do at least once during a marathon wedding ceremony. Perhaps tomorrow’s hit video will showcase a wedding guest who decided to snooze until it’s time to hit the open bar at the reception – that has had to have happened at least once. At least the Kentucky flower girl did not snore and disrupt the exchange of the wedding vows.