Chelsea Houska Ready For Marriage And Babies, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Wants Kids With Cole DeBoer

Chelsea Houska is about to return to the small screen tonight with the Season 7 premiere of Teen Mom 2.

Last time fans saw her, she had just moved her boyfriend, Cole DeBoer, into her house. It was a huge step for Houska to allow someone into her life and into Aubree’s life, but it was one of the best decisions she has made. Since Season 6 went off the air, a lot has changed. DeBoer and Houska are engaged to be married. They have planned a fall wedding, and Aubree will play a huge role in it. Things are looking really promising for Houska, and the light around her absolutely shows it.

Fans met Chelsea Houska when she was cast on the second installment of 16 & Pregnant. She then signed on for Teen Mom 2. Her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, has been in and out of trouble since they welcomed their daughter, Aubree. For a while, Houska was still very much hung up on Lind. Since moving on, things have been better for both mom and daughter. According to People, Chelsea Houska is very deep into wedding planning. While Cole DeBoer is helping plan things, she does most of the appointments alone. Houska insists they both have similar tastes, so there isn’t much arguing over what they want. The wedding is going to be intimate and small, which is something they both want.

There was some thought that Chelsea Houska may join the trend of getting married on Teen Mom 2, but that will not be the case. She has confirmed that the wedding will be private, but has promised to share photos with fans. Houska has always been one of the more low-key Teen Mom franchise members. She doesn’t make headlines for crazy things like some of her co-stars. The most recent issue Houska faced was a Twitter feud with Jenelle Evans. Kailyn Lowry jumped in on Chelsea’s team, and then it all settled down. Houska enjoys remaining behind the scenes and living a more normal, non-partying lifestyle.

Questions about starting a family have been haunting Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer since they announced their engagement last year. Since Aubree is such a big part of their relationship, there isn’t a huge rush. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Chelsea Houska wants to make it through the wedding before discussing babies. She is definitely interested in having more children, but the amount is unknown. Houska mentioned wanting three, but DeBoer hasn’t commented his preference. They are in an agreement with wanting a son thrown into the mix at some point though. Fans are excited to see where Houska will go with this next chapter.

Details on Chelsea Houska’s wedding are being kept under lock and key. There have been no media leaks about when or where the wedding will be held. The most information out now is that it will be a fall wedding.

Speculation is that October is the month, though that is unconfirmed. Teen Mom 2 fans were disappointed in Houska’s choice to not film her wedding. It isn’t shocking though, especially since she is more low-key with her choices. Houska wants to share the moment with Cole DeBoer and her family and friends, not the entire world.

It is unclear whether or not she is inviting any of the Teen Mom franchise stars to the wedding. Several of the girls are friends across both shows, but it seems that Houska is only really close with Kailyn Lowry.

The new season of Teen Mom 2 starts tonight, and Chelsea Houska will be letting the cameras back in to see the crazy chaos that is her life. There may be some bits and pieces included about the wedding, but it is unclear how much Houska was willing to share with the world. It has been a long time since Chelsea Houska has smiled like she does, and this year she will officially become Mrs. Cole DeBoer!

[Photo via Cole DeBoer/Twitter]