June 15, 2013
Buy a Google Chrome Comic Book, proceeds going to charity

I checked my post office box today to discover a package had arrived from Mountain View CA. Low and behold, some kind person at Google had sent me the official Google Chrome comic book that preceded the release of the Google Chrome browser. Given you can't FedEx to a post office box, the shipment ended up in the post, hence my delay in getting it.

But what do with a brand new, unread, limited edition Google Chrome comic book? eBay FTW is the logical choice, but I don't think it would be fair to profit from something Google has sent me.

So I won't be profiting from it. All proceeds from the sale after costs (ebay + paypal fees) will be going to charity, split 50/50 between Beth Kanter and Beyond Blue.

You can bid on eBay directly here for your slice of Google history. Will ship to North America, Europe, or Australia/ New Zealand.

If you can't bid, you can help us out by linking to this post and/or directly to the auction. The short cut url for the auction is . Lets see if we can raise four figures for two great causes.