Arizona, Utah, Idaho Primary Results Live Stream: Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump Could Grab Big Wins Tuesday

Arizona, Utah and Idaho hold their primary elections and caucuses on what is being called “Western Tuesday,” and the results will stream live on this page below, as Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side and Donald Trump for the Republicans could come out of the day with both wins and losses — but each will certainly have a clearer picture of his campaign will look heading forward through the remainder of the primaries and into the party conventions in July.

For Sanders, the results from Tuesday could deal yet another blow to his increasingly faint hopes of catching front-runner Hillary Clinton in the race to collect the 2,026 delegates needed.

While Sanders may be looking at winning the caucus states of Idaho and Utah, advance polling shows that Clinton goes into Arizona with a huge lead in a state where the population is about 30 percent Latino. Demographics favor Clinton, who in neighboring Texas captured 71 percent of the Latino vote in that state’s primary.

Sanders was also wounded in the state by a confrontation between his wife, Jane Sanders, and the anti-immigration Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has endorsed Trump. Find out more about that potentially damaging incident in the video news report below.

For Trump, the Republican front-runner, the question is not whether he will continue to lead the race, but whether he will be able to amass the 1,237 delegates he’ll need to clinch the party’s presidential nomination on the first ballot at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

If Trump comes up short, the convention could be thrown into chaos and, at least in theory, any of the other candidates — or even a Republican who is not currently a candidate — could win the nomination on the second or later ballot.

The New York businessman and television entertainer enters the Western Tuesday primaries with 693 delegates committed to voting for Trump on the first ballot. His nearest rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, trails by 271. But Cruz leads in the Utah polls by a wide margin.

Will Donald Trump add to his lead or can Ted Cruz continue to whittle away, taking another step toward blocking Trump from a first-ballot victory?

The best way to find out is to stay right here and watch the Western Tuesday primary results stream live in one of the below videos, starting with ABC News Go.

More primary election results and analysis can be found in the video below, a Fox News Digital Special live stream.

Finally, the following UStream video offers an alternative live stream for primary results.

For Bernie Sanders, without any winner-take-all states in the Democratic primary, his 324-delegate deficit to Hillary Clinton — not counting superdelegates — appears insurmountable. The only way Sanders could catch up would be to win state after state, and win them by big margins. And on Tuesday, he could get those — in two states.

Both Utah and Idaho hold caucuses, rather than secret-ballot voting, a format that has allowed Sanders to gain some significant wins because the caucus system — essentially a statewide series of neighborhood meetings, rather that secret-ballot voting — tends to attract the most fervent voters.

Also, both states have populations that are more than 90 percent white, and white voters have been the source of Sanders greatest strength.

Polling has been scarce in both states, but a Deseret News poll released on Monday showed Sanders leading Clinton in Utah by 8 percentage points.

Arizona Utah Idaho Primary Results Live Stream Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton appears headed for a big win in Arizona. [Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]In Idaho, a poll by Idaho Politics Weekly released on March 6 showed Sanders leading by a thin two-point margin. But perhaps most importantly, the poll showed a 14-point gain by Sanders over the period of a single month.

But in Arizona, the biggest prize of the day with 85 delegates is shaping up as a Clinton landslide. The former Secretary of State leads by nearly 30 points in the polling average compiled

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