Bernie Sanders Rally From Washington State Full Replay: Vancouver ‘Feels The Bern’ As Huge Crowd Expected

Bernie Sanders started a busy Sunday in Washington State with a rally in Vancouver that can be seen in a full replay video, with an overflow crowd expected as Sanders spends the day attempting to seal what is expected to be a solid victory in the Washington Democratic caucuses on March 26. But with Sanders needing to capture every delegate that he possibly can as he pursues front-runner Hillary Clinton, Sanders is taking no chances with the 101 delegates up for grabs in the Pacific Northwestern state.

The first Bernie Sanders event of the day takes place at the Hudson’s Bay High School gym in Vancouver. For readers in the Vancouver area planning to attend the rally, the Sanders campaign said via its website that the 4,400 available seats were already accounted for by RSVPs submitted through the site. Sanders also holds rallies in Seattle and Spokane on Sunday.

Of course, a live stream of the Vancouver rally can be viewed by scrolling down on this page.

While no significant polling has been conducted in Washington, Sanders is expected to carry the state. According to a report in The Seattle Times, pre-registration for the March 26 caucuses have “skewed” toward young voters — the bedrock of the Bernie Sanders base.

Additionally, Washington State has not been traditionally friendly to the Clinton political clan, at least not in primary season. In 2008, Hillary Clinton lost the state in lopsided fashion to then-Senator Barack Obama. And in 1992, Bill Clinton not only finished behind his competitors Paul Tsongas — a former Massachusetts senator — and former (and now, again, current) California Governor Jerry Brown, he actually placed fourth also behind “uncommitted.”

The Vancouver, Washington, Bernie Sanders rally is scheduled to get underway at 1 p.m. Pacific Time on Sunday, March 20, two hours after doors open. That’s 4 p.m. Eastern, 3 p.m. Central.

Watch a full replay of the Vancouver Bernie Sanders rally in the video below.

The Vancouver rally took place just hours after Sanders wrapped up a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday night. Watch a replay of that Bernie Sanders event in the video below.

Sanders rallies have been mostly feel-good affairs, with overwhelmingly friendly crowds wildly cheering Sanders “radical ideas” about free public college tuition, single payer health care, campaign finance reform, and numerous other progressive proposals.

But the the Bernie Sanders rally in Phoenix was briefly interrupted by a woman who removed her shirt to reveal slogans penned on her upper body. But, as it turned out, the woman was a Sanders supporter who said that she had been unable to attend a Donald Trump rally in Phoenix earlier, so she chose to protest against Trump at the Bernie Sanders rally.

One favorite Sanders issue that may not go over as well in Washington is his stance on trade. The Vermont senator, who describes himself as a “democratic socialist,” has taken a hard line against free trade agreements and has used the position to hammer Hillary Clinton in televised debates, as well as in his standard stump speech.

But an editorial in The Seattle Times on Friday advised Sanders to “bone up” on issues specific to Washington before his Sunday three-stop tour of the state, and called him “curiously brittle” on trade issues.

The editorial said that the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal “would further expand markets for Washington state goods to 11 other Pacific Rim nations,” and that the Export-Import Bank has “powered” employment in Washington.

Bernie Sanders Rally Live Stream Washington
Vancouver, Washington, will “Feel the Bern” on Sunday morning, March 20 (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)

Both the TPP and E-I bank have been the target of Sanders’ wrath in recent debates and on the campaign trail.

“Unequivocal expressions of support for trade legislation and trade agreements in a trade-dependent state,” might be a way for Clinton to boost her standing in Washington, and cut into what is perceived to be a Sanders lead in the state, the newspaper said.

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Shifting positions on one of his major issues, regardless of the audience, seems highly unlikely for Bernie Sanders, but viewers who watch the live stream of his Vancouver, Washington, rally will get to see how he approaches the issue there.

[Featured Photo By Ralph Freso/Getty Images]