Gordon Ramsay’s Mobile Game Won’t Hold Back On The Colorful Language

Gordon Ramsay is so much more than a chef. Gordon Ramsay is a name that strikes fear and demands respect from anybody that dares to put on a white uniform, say to themselves “I want to cook food for a living,” and march out their door with their sights set on the culinary line of work. Despite being as successful as he is right now, running all sorts of cooking shows and being a judge in a couple of other shows, his life wasn’t always as happy as it appears to be right now. According to CNN, Gordon Ramsay had a very tough childhood.

Gordon Ramsay spoke on his childhood and how rough it was.

“My childhood was tough. I started with nothing and was dealt a dysfunctional card. My father was a severe alcoholic and my mom worked as a cook, and a nurse at night. We moved around… I went to 17 different schools between the ages of 5 and 16.”

Life wasn’t easy and Gordon saw himself as someone that was raised on the backstreets of Britain. Despite his troubled upbringing, Gordon Ramsay managed to stay away from vices.

Gordon Ramsay spoke on how being a chef never made him rely on a vice.

“But I’ve never done drugs in my life — I have a brother who is still addicted to heroin — and very few chefs get far without substances, it’s rife in our industry. So it was raw, brutally honest, and it was desperate.”

With his heart set on making it doing the one thing he loved, cooking, he sold his house and took the biggest gamble in his life. It’s safe to say that the gamble went well for him because of where he is now.

Gordon Ramsay spoke on selling his house to fund his restaurant.

“Because I had to make it. I had sold my house. Everything I had went into that restaurant.”

Today, Gordon’s life is admittedly a glamorous one but he still gets some time to distance himself every now and then for a refreshing experience through Gordon’s Great Escape. Just recently, Gordon Ramsay went to Asia for the show, and it seemed to be a very refreshing and humbling experience for him.

Gordon Ramsay spoke on his time in Asia.

“For me, it was a great chance to recharge my batteries… and live again… Live with a [local] family, depend on $100 a week, experience a monsoon, celebrate the harvest.”

Even though Gordon Ramsay might have this tough exterior and intimidating personality, there is no doubt that he genuinely wants to help new and upcoming chefs find their bearings in the culinary world. According to Digital Trends, Gordon does not shy away from teaching his secrets to people just so they could get better at cooking. Gordon Ramsay is someone you can count on to be regularly giving tips and teaching his own personal tricks with cooking, such as dicing an onion, or how to make perfectly cooked rice, or the best way you can debone a salmon, all the way up to cooking the best pasta you’ll ever have in your life. All his shouting suddenly makes sense now. Because maybe all that shouting was actually just Gordon Ramsay’s definition of tough love.

One of the latest ventures of Gordon Ramsay won’t be in any kitchen, but in a game. The esteemed chef is set to release a mobile game this summer, according to Eater. The game is reported to play similar to the Kardashian game released a while back that gained quite the following. Fans of Gordon Ramsay’s oftentimes foul language will be relieved to know that the game will be full of the famous chef’s signature expressions!

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]