‘The Walking Dead’: Did Melissa McBride’s Behavior In ‘The Talking Dead’ Hint Carol’s Death?

The Walking Dead season 6 finale is coming up in just two weeks. When it comes to episode 16, there are some concerns fans have about the characters.

One of those involves Carol Peletier. Will Melissa McBride’s character be found before it is too late? If so, who will locate the missing Alexandrian? Will The Walking Dead character be in a better or worse place when it comes to her mental health? Did the actress hint Carol’s death when appearing in The Talking Dead?

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, Carol left Tobin a note and walked away from Alexandria in the middle of the night. TWD fans have been worried about Melissa McBride’s character. Lately, Carol Peletier has struggled with the things that must be done in the zombie apocalypse. This includes killing human beings, even if Carol was left with no choice.


Over the years, Melissa’s character in The Walking Dead has evolved. Even though every character has grown, Carol has probably changed the most. Just when viewers thought Carol Peletier was invincible and even immortal, as Forbes mentioned. However, would The Walking Dead really kill off one of the most popular characters of the show? As it has been said several times over the past few years, nobody is safe.

Another fact that fans of The Walking Dead should consider is how Melissa McBride was behaving in a recent episode of The Talking Dead. Whenever the actress was complimented on her acting or when someone mentioned enjoying working with Melissa, she seemed uncomfortable. In fact, there were a few times when McBride looked quite emotional, as if she wanted to cry. The actress did admit last year while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel that she gets nervous when appearing in front of a crowd. So, McBride’s behavior could simply be her nerves or could it be predicting that Carol dies in The Walking Dead season 6 finale?

As for Carol leaving Alexandria, the TWD characters will spend two episodes searching for the former housewife. According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, Morgan (Lennie James) will find Carol’s rosary near a slaughtered walker in The Walking Dead season 6 finale. Continuing on his way, Morgan ends up locating Carol at a library camp. TSDF revealed that the entire library camp has been killed and Carol has an injury on her side. She allows Morgan to tend to the wound, but refuses to leave to get help.


There was speculation that Carol gets attacked by a walker in the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. However, if McBride’s character were bitten, then she would refuse his help. That is part of Carol’s personality. As previously reported by Inquisitr, Carol’s injury is not a bite or scratch, but a slash wound. Based on the description of the scene, Carol is still fighting with her mind.

Normally, fans of The Walking Dead wouldn’t be worried about Melissa McBride’s character. She has proven over and over that she can take care of herself. However, Carol’s mind is not in a good place right now. In the note she left for Tobin, Carol said she could not kill anymore. However, if The Walking Dead character wants to keep surviving, she will have to. This is especially true if Carol ventures out in the new world by herself. Whatever is going on with Carol in The Walking Dead, she needs to get over it and quick. With Negan and more of the Saviors arriving soon, this is no time for Carol to have a mental health crisis.

What do you think will happen with Carol Peletier in The Walking Dead season 6 finale? Will Melissa McBride leave TWD or should fans expect to see the actress survive for another season?

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