‘GTA V’ Patch 1.33 Updates Online Contact Missions, Adds ‘Ghosted To Player’ Option

Fans of Grand Theft Auto V‘s popular multiplayer mode were treated to new content last week with the launch of the free Lowriders Custom Classics DLC for GTA Online. Addressing several known issues that users had discovered in the game, Rocksatar Games also released a new title update for GTA V in addition to adding new vehicles, weapons, and customization items to the game.

As with many game patches, Update 1.33 for Grand Theft Auto V was intended to fix game bugs and improve overall performance and stability. While detailing the patch on their official support website, however, Rockstar Games also revealed that the update also introduced a few new features to GTA Online that should help improve players’ experience inside the game.

GTA Online Art shot Update 1.33 brings a few new features to GTA Online [Image via Rockstar Games]One of these added features, which is only available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC editions of the game, helps players find some relief if they find themselves repeatedly killed by the same user while inside the freeroam map of Grand Theft Auto Online. After a user has died several times at the hands of another player within a certain time period, the victim will then receive the option to become Ghosted to Player. This setting will make both users briefly unable to harm one another. This will effectively make each player go passive to the other player only.

“Ghosted to Player is a new option on the Wasted screen that appears under the following criteria: Player X kills you 3 times within 5 minutes [and] You have not damaged Player X during those 3 kills.”

“This option can be found alongside the Respawn, Passive and One on One Deathmatch options and is triggered via R1/RB and displays as ‘Go Ghosted to Player X’. Once this option has been selected, you and Player X will be ghosted to each other and each other only for two minutes.”

GTA Online competitive play The ‘Ghosted to Player’ makes users appear as passive for a limited time [Image via Rockstar Games]Title Update 1.33 also changes how co-op contact missions can be unlocked within GTA Online. In addition to the existing method of receiving new missions simply by reaching a certain level, gamers can also now unlock individual contact jobs for their entire account if they access the mission from a specific in-game invite.

“The Contact Mission unlock system has been updated. Players now have two ways in which Contact Missions can be unlocked to allow for direct launching from the start menu: Reach the requisite rank for the Mission (This unlocks the Mission for that character slot only) [or] Play the Mission via an invite (This unlocks the Mission for the whole profile).”

A few other minor features were also included as part of Update 1.33. Players can now select to not wear shoes while saving wardrobes and the stock at Ammu-Nation stores have been reorganized. Those running their own criminal organizations can also launch VIP work and challenge events directly from their Yacht. Yacht owners will also be granted a free relocation if they are unable to correctly move their Yacht to the desired area for any reason. This will help keep down the usage costs that come alongside the already expensive boat.

GTA Online player-owned yacht New Yacht options now available in GTA Online [Image via Rockstar Games]As The Inquisitr reported late last week, Rockstar Games is also currently hosting a week-long GTA V online event that gives players access to plenty of in-game bonuses and discounts. Up until Thursday, players can earn double rewards for trying out specific missions and activities inside Grand Theft Auto Online. Fans can also find savings on in-game purchases such as vehicle garages, ammunition, and more. Fans wanting to customize their car can now earn up to 75 percent off all options at Benny’s Original Motor Works.

Update 1.33 is out now for GTA V across all current-gen platforms.

[Image via Rockstar Games]