Watch Taylor Swift And Great Dane ‘Battle’ For Whipped Cream [Video]

Taylor recently returned from an adorable vacation with Calvin Harris, and her mom’s Great Dane, Kitty, could not be happier. Obviously, when Swift returns from vacations, she enjoys eating whipped cream–something that the dog apparently wishes she could do as well!

The Great Dane, after greeting Taylor with a “hug” (see below), desperately vied for the delicious snack to which Taylor treated herself: canned whipped cream.

While Taylor fills her mouth with whipped cream, Kitty looks on, mesmerized, and then tries to get some, too.

“It’s mine,” she mumbles around the whipped cream. “It’s already in my mouth.”

Of course, Kitty has to listen, and she does so obediently. Taylor wins, but Kitty has to remain an onlooker.

“My mom’s dog is named Kitty,” Taylor said in her post. “And yet, she is nothing like a cat.”

Refinery 29 particularly noted Taylor’s behavior towards Kitty.

“We’re starting to understand why Taylor Swift is a cat person.”

It’s true: Taylor tends to prefer cats over dogs, as her Instagram account proves.

As her fans and followers know well, Taylor loves animals. She often posts pictures and videos of her cats and loves admiring other people’s pets. There is one thing that has to be said of Swift: she has a serious soft side.

Calvin Harris and Taylor went on a romantic tropical vacation in celebration of their recent anniversary. During the getaway, the couple both posted various pictures and videos displaying their adorable PDA-heavy vacation. Taylor even posted the kiss picture to top all kiss pictures, proving once again that they may possibly be one of the sweetest couples that the world has ever seen.

Besides sunbathing and smooching, the couple enjoyed doing cute and romantic activities such as writing their initials in the sand (and, by doing so, reminding the world that Calvin Harris’s real name is Adam Wiles, as E! noted). Taylor looked amazing, as usual, probably due both to her diet plan and to her natural beauty (read The Inquisitr‘s article on Tay’s bikini body here).

Harris even treated Taylor with a special necklace. Engraved with their anniversary date; the golden locket sports a classic look and feminine appeal that matches Taylor perfectly.


And as soon as the world saw Taylor ditch her iconic paper airplane necklace and don her new locket, social media users went wild!


However, many dissenters claimed that the locket was the most normal gift possible and that it lacked pizzazz. Apparently, these folks believe that the locket is either an easy cop out or not special enough for a star like Taylor Swift.

While some hold this view, others think that a simple (yet elegant) locket is a perfect gift for Taylor, who, as we all know, loves all things classy and classic. Just listen to “Style” and you’ll know what we mean.


It was great to see two busy stars such as Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris get some time off to relax and just enjoy being romantic together.

Upon her return from the trip, Taylor’s mom’s dog was immediately concerned with just saying “hi” to the actress.

Like most Great Danes, Kitty is just a big softy.

Based on how much she missed Taylor this time around, maybe Swift will have to think twice before leaving again.

[Image by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]