‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: How Will Negan Choose Who Dies In Season 6 Finale?

There are only three more episodes left until Season 6 of The Walking Dead is over. Right now, fans are excited but scared about how it all might end when Negan finally makes an appearance in the Season 6 finale, titled “Last Day On Earth.” Someone from Rick’s group of survivors is going to die and so far, we don’t know who. TWD execs have left a few clues along the way and it looks like the who isn’t as important as the how.

Negan is brutal and fans need to feel that when the Saviors leader finally meets Rick’s group face to face. We already know that the Season 6 finale is going to end with Negan brutally killing someone from Rick’s group with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. In the comic books, it is Glenn who dies in the most brutal and horrifying way.

There are predictions that Glenn won’t be meeting his comic book fate, according to Bustle, but that someone else will take his place. This is only after more than a season of hints that involved Glenn, baseball bats, random barbed wire, and even a scene where he’s about to get hit in the back of the head with a bat. Remember at Terminus when Rick, Glenn, and the rest of the survivors were lined up with heads bent over a trough? It was at Glenn where they stopped swinging after killing two others before the group was able to escape without losing anyone of their own.

The Walking Dead is known for having characters die just like in the comic books, it’s just not always the same characters that experienced those deaths. For example, in the next episode titled “Twice As Far,” someone is getting shot through the eye with a crossbow. In the comics, this is how Abraham dies, and everyone thought his death was coming based on some foreshadowing from other recent episodes. It turns out that Abraham won’t even be around when that death happens.

Instead, it is Denise who dies with an arrow through her eye in the upcoming episode. The whole thing plays out when Denise, Daryl, and Rosita are on a supply run, looking for medicine. They run across Dwight and a group of Saviors and as Daryl struggles with Dwight to get his crossbow back, Denise ends up getting shot.

Now, that doesn’t mean Abraham won’t die in Season 6. Actually, his escaping the crossbow death really puts Abraham in the top three for who might end up getting murdered by Negan in front of the rest of the group. Right now, it looks like Daryl and Abraham are the most likely victims of Negan if he chooses not to kill Glenn.

There are a few fans theories and even some evidence floating around the internet about how Negan will choose who he kills when he finally runs into Rick’s group. In the comic books, Negan stops a van full of Rick’s people as they are headed for the Hilltop. He makes them all exit the van and then lines them up, kneeling before him, before taking his barbed wire wrapped bat out and introducing Rick and the survivors to the weapon that he calls Lucille.

The entire reason that Negan stops the group and kills one of them is payback for them killing several of his Saviors in multiple attacks since making a deal with Gregory at the Hilltop colony. Negan is furious with Rick for taking out so many of his men and wants to make sure the Alexandria leader suffers in the most horrific way. The best way for Negan to make Rick suffer when they finally meet would be for Negan to force Rick to choose which of his people will die.

A very low-resolution clip of Negan’s arrival has leaked on the internet. In it, you can see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan standing behind several of Rick’s group as they kneel down in front of him. There is no sound, so everything we learn is mostly speculation. What we do know is that the infamous scene really is going down, and it looks like Glenn might not be getting hit with Lucille.

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