Harry Styles On Taylor Swift, Body Hair And Louis Tomlinson Getting Girls Pregnant -- His Best Quotes

Over the years, the inimitable Harry Styles has made headlines for the many weird, wacky, wise, learned, lovely and inspiring things that have cascaded from his mouth. It's no wonder Harry has just been voted Most Inspirational Tweeter in a Sugarscape poll -- his rapier wit and Sphinx-like cryptic quotes are lavished on his Twitter followers as generously as they are bestowed upon interviewers.

You never quite know what you will get from Harold. Will he scandalize everyone with a naughty pun, or melt our hearts with a shout-out to his mum Anne? Will he lighten the mood with some super-silly humor, or offer a snippet of life advice so sage-like and wise it could have come from the lips of the Damai Lama himself?

Many outlets have noticed this talent of Harry's and compiled lists of the best and most amusing things he has said. Most recently, PPCorn.com selected their favorite Harry quote ever, and it's not for the faint of heart. Here, we take a look back at the quote-hungry media's most beloved Harry quotes.

  1. PPCorn loved Harry's joke about his name and body hair
Many people who wander innocently into the world of Loving Harry A Lot are initially drawn in by his strange name. "What sort of a name is Harry Styles?" many people have asked, only to look him up on the internet and find themselves in a Google images labyrinth that demonstrates that Harry Styles has indeed experimented with many styles. Cowboy Harry, Ill-fitting Khakis Harry, Glam Rock Harry, Bandana Harry, Man Bun Harry and Sexy Schoolboy Harry have all been things.

Harry has experimented with many styles, but, unless you count his recent long hair experiments, "Hairy Styles" has not been among them. Indeed, Harry does not even seem to be able to grow a thick beard!

Perhaps this was the sort of joke the journalist had just made when Harry quipped, "I'm just lucky that my last name isn't balls."

Harry's quick wit was rewarded: PPCorn has dubbed the naughty quote their favorite Harry quote of all time.

2. M Magazine swooned when Harry expressed his cosmic views about love

Ooh. Not every publication is all about wordplay and naughty jokes -- M Magazine are big fans of Harry in his sensitive mode. The mag listed the following as their favorite Harry line:

"I don't think you can define love."
Perhaps Harry, a songwriter, was thinking about how music is the best way to express the tender emotion we call "love," which cannot easily be captured in the clunky medium of language. The elevated emotion one feels when listening to a Chopin Nocturne or Schubert Quintet probably comes closer to what we call "love."

Harry was also probably thinking of the may forms that love can take: romantic love, sexual love, love for parents and siblings, love between friends, love for humanity, etc. Politically progressive Harry was also very likely to have gender and LGBT issues in the back of his mind, at least. By saying that you "cannot define" love, Harry was expressing his views about gender fluidity, his support for same-sex and unconventional relationships, and his contempt for people who attempt to define "love" as something that only occurs between a man and a woman. Go Harry!

3. Celebmix are all about the nostalgia

This was the exact moment the Harry journey began: when he stepped out on the X Factor stage with that short mop of curls and a microphone in hand. Harry made the following announcement to the cameras:

"I'm Harry Styles, I'm sixteen and I'm from Holmes Chapel in Cheshire."
He went on to wow the judges with his rendition of "Isn't She Lovely?" by Stevie Wonder.
Almost six years later, that fateful audition is still producing surprising new perks for Harry, who is getting ready to record solo material and star in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk. The quote -- Harry's first-ever utterance as a public figure -- resurfaced on Harry's 22nd birthday when Celebmix dubbed it their favorite Harry quote of all time.

4. Bustle respected the way he refused to diss Taylor Swift

After Taylor and Harry broke up, the media was awash with stories about what transpired, whether Harry had mistreated the unlucky-in-love singer, and just how heartbroken Swift might be.

When Taylor delivered on rumors that she was going to write a song about Harry, fans were disappointed that she spilled about the breakup and painted Harry in a bad light, but relieved that Harry got off lightly compared to John Mayer, who was painted as the worst boyfriend ever in Swift's ballad "Dear John." "Out Of The Woods" is a piece of pro-Harry propaganda compared to that one!

It was a good song, but Harry outclassed Taylor when he refused to talk about her at all. Under pressure to diss Taylor Swift during one interview, gentlemanly Harry praised her instead, simply saying that Taylor is a great performer.

"She's a great performer...She always performs great and she's always good on stage. She's done it for a long time. She knows what she's doing on stage. It was just another good Taylor Swift performance."
This was right after Taylor Swift apparently dissed Harry at the 2013 Grammys! Harry thus demonstrated what a massive human being he is, refusing to sink to the level of his opponent. Bustle were among the publications who approvingly took note, calling it one of the most inspiring Harry quotes of all time.

5. Sugarscape praised his foresight on Louis Tomlinson's fatherhood

Who could ever forget this one? Sugarscape expressed their appreciation for the time Harry linked Louis Tomlinson impregnating girls with Louis Tomlinson getting very few album solos. Impressively, Harry did this literally years before Louis even met Briana Jungwirth!

"Louis and Niall don't get a lot of solos because their voices make girls pregnant."
Is Harry Styles quotable?

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