Lori Loughlin Talks About ‘When Calls The Heart,’ ‘Fuller House,’ And More

Lori Loughlin is known for her time on Fuller House, but her new show When Calls the Heart is one that fans are really enjoying. Paste Magazine actually got the chance to talk to Lori Loughlin and get the details on how things are going for her, as well as some details on both shows. Lori shared that she always wanted to act, but her career actually started when she ended up becoming a print model by accident. If you remember, Lori Loughlin’s first real acting job was a three-and-a-half year gig on a soap opera called The Edge of Night.


Lori Loughlin went on to talk about Fuller House and how great it is because it gives you a sense of comfort when you watch it. Here is what Loughlin had to say.

“I think that Full House is just a feel-good show. It’s not meant to be anything more than just a little silly, funny, heartfelt and warm program. We don’t care if sometimes you think our approach is cheesy. We don’t care. We know exactly what we are. I laugh when critics harp all over the show and really want to take it down. I just think ‘Wow, you guys are the fools. You’ve missed the whole point of the show, you’ve really missed it. You guys are morons.’ It’s an easy target to go after Full House, and I just think these critics are so short-sighted and they’re just missing the joke. You’re picking on a show that’s not meant to be anything more than it is.”

Lori Loughlin went on to share that she took Full House for the first six episodes because she really needed the money at the time. Of course, this show ended up changing Lori’s entire life.


The show When Calls the Heart is a totally different role than Fuller House for Lori Loughlin, but she does a great job with it. Lori shared the detail of how she ended up on this show.

“It’s funny, a friend of mine was producing it, he called me up and he said, ‘Lori, I need your help. I want to try to sell this into a series.’ There are people at Hallmark who I love, like Bill Abbott, the president. I have a fan in Bill and I’m so thankful for that. This producer knew that. He was like, ‘I want to put you in this show because I need a name to help me sell it into a series. If it goes into a series, you can have the option of being a part of it.’ I went in and I worked the show for literally one day, and then it went to series.”

Lori then went on to explain that she found out they would be shooting in Vancouver, but she wasn’t going to be moving there. They worked it out with Lori Loughlin where she would shoot for a bit, then go home for a bit. Lori has loved working on this show and they have been able to make it work. It is very obvious that they really wanted Lori Loughlin on this series.

The Futon Critic shared that the most recent episode of When Calls the Heart with Lori Loughlin was the most watched and highest rated of the entire season. They are also doing great on social networks with this show. You can catch Lori Loughlin in new episodes on Sunday nights on Hallmark.

Are you enjoying Lori Loughlin in Fuller House? Are you a fan of When Calls the Heart? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and you can watch season 1 of Fuller House on Netflix. They have just started filming season 2 of this hit show.

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