Tatum O’Neal In Rehab For Cocaine Addiction

Tatum O’Neal is back in rehab, her famous actor father, Ryan O’Neal is reportedly visiting often. Tatum O’Neal has struggled drug addiction for “many years” and is getting treatment at a Southern California rehabilitation center, Radar Online notes.

Ryan O’Neal and his daughter Tatum, 48, are apparently attempting to mend their “complicated” relationship while she recovers at an Orange County drug treatment facility. A source reportedly close to Tatum O’Neal told Radar Online the actress is suffering from a cocaine addiction. The O’Neal source also noted that Tatum is “struggling with who she is as a person.”

Ryan O’Neal and Tatum allegedly got into heated argument during the Christmas season at his Malibu season. The actress reportedly accused her Academy Award winning father of being a narcissist and never “being there” for her. The epic fight between Tatum O’Neal included Ryan telling her she was a bad mother, one of her children had been living with Grandpa, O’Neal, a source told Radar Online. The source also claims Tatum O’Neal was upset about her financial situation and angry with her father about not doing anything to help her recover from her money woes.

In February Tatum O’Neal checked herself into a drug rehabilitation facility after allegedly suffering a “full-fledged cocaine collapse,” according to Radar Online. Tatum O’Neal is now receiving drug addiction treatment at a different rehabilitation center.

Redmond O’Neal, Tatum’s younger brother appeared in court earlier this week on felony drug possession charges. Redmond pleaded no contest to heroin possession and a firearms charge which arose from a Venice Beach, California traffic stop last summer. Judge Keith Schwartz was pleased with Redmond O’Neal’s progress during the “year of intensive rehab therapy” the court had ordered.

Redmond O’Neal is Tatum’s half-brother and the sole beneficiary of his mother Farrah Fawcett’s estate. The $5-$10 million estate is being held in trust for Redmond. Tatum O’Neals brother reportedly paid $100 thousand for her stint in drug rehab earlier this year.