'Mommy's Little Girl' Coming To Lifetime: Is This Based On A True Story?

Tonight on Lifetime, viewers will get the chance to see Mommy's Little Girl. This movie is a typical Lifetime movie and the first thing viewers are going to want to know is if Mommy's Little Girl is based on a true story or not. Bustle shared the details of Mommy's Little Girl and fans can't wait to see this one.

This one isn't actually based on a true story. Mommy's Little Girl is a work of fiction, but it will look to you like several other movies that you have seen over the years, plus a lot of true stories that are out there. It is one of those movies, that if you are a mommy yourself, will make you watch your kids a little extra for the next few weeks and hold them tighter. Here is the description of Mommy's Little Girl from Lifetime.
"[11-year-old] Sadie was raised in a remote country house by her controlling grandparents. Now finally reunited with her mother, she won't let anything, or anyone, get in the way of her new found happiness."
The story of Mommy's Little Girl may make some viewers think of Flowers In the Attic, with the controlling grandparents that didn't let Sadie live her life and do what she wanted to do. The site 2 Paragraphs shared a bit more about the movie and it is a lot like the older movie The Bad Seed. The little girl Sadie is played by Emma Hentschel.
Seat 42 F got the chance to talk to Fiona Gubelmann about Mommy's Little Girl and uncovered some of the details. She will actually play the mother in this movie. She will think she is taking home a sweet little girl, but it turns out that her daughter has a lot of problems from grandparents that kept her away from her mommy, and she will even be violent at times. She said it is not a remake of, or based on, The Bad Seed, even though a lot of people have compared the two movies. Here is what Fiona shared about how she felt when she first read the script.
"I absolutely loved the script! I was actually on vacation when I got the script sent to me so I was in a really relaxed state of mind. Then when I read it, I just had so much fun and I couldn't put it down. What I love most about it is it's a fun thriller. What is cool about it is they found a way not to make it cheesy or unrealistic. They found the heart of the story, and I felt that everything in terms of Sadie's character was motivated by true emotion as opposed to just like, this little girl is evil or crazy or demons are possessing her — which is fine because I like science fiction and horror movies, but I love that this story wasn't that."
Mommy's Little Girl will show how her character wasn't the best mommy when she was younger and this is why she didn't keep her daughter. She later turned things around and now is able to be a mommy to Sadie, but her daughter has been through a lot over the past few years.

Are you excited to see Mommy's Little Girl on Lifetime tonight? Do you think this will be a great movie? You can catch the premiere on March 19, but Mommy's Little Girl will also air again a few times on Sunday. Sound off in the comments below.

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