Taylor Swift’s Tendency To Overshare, And Her Fanatical ‘Husband’ Arrested For Burglary

Taylor Swift’s videos have become a more popular thing to watch for most people than their favorite hit television shows, according to Us Weekly. Her videos rack up more views than hugely popular TV shows. In fact, when her “Bad Blood” video debuted on May 17 of last year, only one heavily watched television show was able to beat her in number of views: CBS’s NCIS Los Angeles.

In its debut week, “Bad Blood” garnered 18 million views, and now has over 800 million views on record, according to Us Weekly. Taylor Swift is certainly one popular Grammy Award winner. She is known to be one of the most hard working songwriters in the industry, pulling together intensely emotional and relatable lyrics that millions of her fans are able to feel connected with. Perhaps the secret to her success is in her ability to share her own honesty about her private life and personal experiences in her songs, making her lyrics touching, realistic, and ultimately relatable. She has been able to attract this massive amount of fan attention by being extremely empathetic.

Although some may accuse her of oversharing her personal life, nobody can argue that her ability to personalize her lyrics has made her immensely popular. In fact, The Daily Beast reports that Taylor Swift has made a “brilliant career out of crafting addictive, Easter egg-filled albums about various exes and frenemies,” citing popularly held views that much of Swift’s Red album is a series of references to Jake Gyllenhaal; that “Dear John” is directed at John Mayer, her phenomenally popular song “Bad Blood” is about her feud with Katy Perry, and that “Out of the Woods” and/or “Style” are directed at Harry Styles.

As loved by her fans as she is, the question is, can too much popularity exist? Perhaps. At this level of popularity and with this much attention, Taylor Swift is bound to have her share of over-admirers. Some of these over-admirers are nowhere near as honest and forthcoming as she is. In fact, some of these over-admirers eschew her honest example completely and lie about perhaps one of the world’s most open book talents. A man by the name of Paul Herrin, who fits the idea of the classic cliché there is no honor among thieves, was arrested for, as he claimed, “trying to save Taylor Swift” when he broke into another individual’s home in Nashville. Apparently, Herrin claimed to have thought Taylor Swift was present in the home and in danger, so he decided to let himself in at the expense of the homeowner. When the homeowner opened the door because he thought a tenant was going to pay rent, Herrin approached him and stuck his foot inside the door to prevent it from locking itself shut. Then, Herrin, unlike Taylor Swift, decided to make himself far from popular by refusing to leave the property of the homeowner, according to News 4 Jax.

Why did Herrin refuse to leave? He had an interesting explanation: that Taylor Swift is his wife, that he was there to save her, and that he had every right to search the residence. Apparently the bewildered homeowner struggled with the would-be burglar and managed to close his front door and phone the Police. The news report suggests that the burglar and Taylor Swift fanatic attempted to enter the property via the back door but was stopped by Police before her managed to gain entry.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images]