March 22, 2016
'Batman V Superman': Zack Snyder 'Obsessed' With Bringing Wonder Woman To Screen

While the main event (among many) in the upcoming blockbuster Batman V Superman is of course, the epic throwdown between the two male DC Comics heavyweights, according to director Zack Snyder, it was always his intention to feature one of the more underused characters in the canon instead: DC's Amazon warrior princess Wonder Woman.

"I was obsessed with the Trinity," Snyder explained at a Batman V Superman press conference, as reported by Gizmodo. "I really wanted to see the Trinity, that being Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, in a single moment. That was a thing I was really interested in trying to get into this movie."

Snyder continued, explaining how his Wonder Woman obsession is what opened the doors to the notion of a shared universe, akin to the wildly popular Marvel counterparts.

"Those conversations are really what lead to this 'Dawn of Justice' subheading for the film. That we could now have conversations about the fact that the Justice League and or the DC Universe now could evolve from this."
And for Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, her inclusion into Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is even more critical in that her character can serve as a role model for young girls out there, namely her own daughter.

[Image via Warner Bros.]

"I have a four-year-old daughter and she adores princesses," Gadot said at a press junket in Los Angeles, as reported by the Times of Israel.

"At the same time she would tell me 'the princess, she's so weak.' She falls asleep, the prince will come and save her and kiss her and he's the hero. So I am so happy I'm going to be the one who's going to tell the Wonder Woman story. It's such an important story… But I also think it's so important for girls — and boys — to have a female, strong superhero to look up to."
Batman V Superman won't be last time fans catch Gadot's Wonder Woman onscreen, either, as previously alluded to by Snyder. In addition to Justice League which will be released in November of 2017, Gal will star as the Amazon warrior princess in her own solo film just five months earlier with a release date of June 23rd, 2017 officially booked. And according to Den of Geek, it's about darn time.

Zack Snyder Batman V Superman
[Image via Warner Bros.]
"The fact that we have yet to see a Wonder Woman solo movie is almost beyond belief. We don't have time to get into the rampant short-sightedness that is keeping women from taking marquee roles in superhero movies at the moment (and that's bound to change one of these days, especially given how their fortunes have changed on TV), but just know that Gal Gadot is going to do some Amazonian [butt]-kicking in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and then we get her solo movie the following year."
Which all leads to the aforementioned Justice League movie from Snyder and company that should give Marvel Studios a run for its money. In fact, My San Antonio is predicting the Batman V Superman movie will topple Marvel's summer tent pole Civil War film out later this year in total box office revenue when it debuts in March.

"Batman v Superman doesn't have the artfully crafted, multipicture lead that ushered in Marvel's superteam, but there's a good chance the film has its own path to event-movie status,"writer Keith Noonan argues, alluding once again to the "Trinity" Zack Snyder talked about in his press conference.

"Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are superhero A-listers that need little introduction, and the prospect of DC's Holy Trinity together in one movie lends the late-March release the firestarter potential that has catapulted other box office leaders in recent years."
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