Evander Holyfield Makes Appearance At MAGA Rally To Support Donald Trump

Boxing legend Evander Holyfield turned up at a Pensacola, Florida, Make America Great Again rally on Saturday to support the president's effort to rally voters for the midterm elections. The former heavyweight champion, an Atmore, Florida, native, got a shout-out from the president, according to local station WKRG 5 News.

Trump was in town to encourage voters to turn out for the competitive mid-term elections in the state. The president continued to push the rhetoric that he has been criticized for in the past, blaming Democrats for running a campaign of "anger and division."

In his opinion, if Democrats win seats in the house and senate, they will ruin his momentum in the country and will drive more crime and reduce jobs. He also claimed, without evidence, that Democrats are coaching violent immigrants to "destroy" the country.

"If Democrats get elected, they will do everything in their power to dismantle ICE and turn America into a giant sanctuary city with violent predators," he said at the rally. "They are openly encouraging illegal aliens to destroy our nation in so many ways and we cannot let it happen."

Trump also continued to reference the group of migrants heading toward the United States border seeking asylum. He told audiences that "caravan after caravan" was invading the country.

"I sent the United States military to our borders," the president said. "I looked at those young, great people and looked at how the generals gave orders and looked at the way they worked and watched the barbed wire being put down … Caravan after caravan. We don't want that in our country. These aren't babies."

"They don't break through our military. Nobody does," he concluded.

During the rally, Trump took a moment to call out Holyfield. The president said that Holyfield was considered small for a heavyweight, but he "made people suffer." He had "zero body fat" Trump said, before complimenting the boxer for making him "so much money" in betting winnings. He thanked Holyfield for attending, saying that he believed the boxer was one of the best in history.

For his part, Holyfield was torn between supporting the president and watching his son, Elijah, play for Georgia in an important football game. Holyfield left the rally to watch the game in a news truck outside of the hangar where the event was being held.

Running back Elijah rushed 115 yards and made a touchdown, helping the Georgia Bulldogs win 34-17.