NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Player Campaigning For Robert Griffin III

NFL rumors have been swirling around Robert Griffin III. The Washington Redskins finally released the embattled quarterback and are now focused on Kirk Cousins as their starter. Though he has been an underachiever since coming into the National Football League, Griffin III is still young enough and talented enough to turn things around. According to the Sporting News, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams thinks he should get that chance with his team.

Terrance Williams knows Robert Griffin III better than most NFL players know the quarterback. The two of them played together for the Baylor Bears. Williams caught 202 passes in college, and a lot of those were thrown by Griffin III. Not only would the chemistry between Griffin III and Williams already be there, the camaraderie would also be as well. The relationship between the two is one of the biggest reasons why Williams wants the Dallas Cowboys to sign Griffin III.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams
Terrance Williams [Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]Another reason why Terrance Williams wants the Dallas Cowboys to sign Robert Griffin III is because he does not want to go through another experience like last season. The Cowboys were supposed to challenge for a spot in the Super Bowl, but the season was lost because starting quarterback Tony Romo suffered two broken collarbone injuries. The backup quarterbacks were not able to get the job done for Dallas.

When Tony Romo and Dez Bryant were on the field, Terrance Williams is a qualified starter in the NFL. However, there were a handful of games last season where the Dallas Cowboys did not have their starting quarterback or star wide receiver. When that happened, Williams struggled to take over as the lead wide receiver for the Cowboys. With a familiar face like Robert Griffin III around, Williams should fare much better in the off chance that Romo and Bryant are injured again next season.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo
Tony Romo [Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones might not be all that opposed to signing Robert Griffin III. No one on the planet was more disappointed with last season than Jones. He truly felt that he had one of the best teams in the NFL, and a return to the Super Bowl was more than possible. When Brandon Weeden was unable to fill in capably for Tony Romo, Jones made the effort to go out and acquire Matt Cassell, who also failed to lead the Cowboys.

Signing Robert Griffin III isn't just about next season. It's about the following seasons as well. It would behoove Jerry Jones to lock down Robert Griffin III as soon as he proves that he's a capable NFL quarterback again. Despite what everyone is saying to the public, Tony Romo is not going to be around forever. Another collarbone or back injury could see him retiring from the National Football League, which leaves the Cowboys with a need at quarterback unless the team can groom someone like Griffin III.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant
Dez Bryant [Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]Brock Osweiler was able to secure a contract from the Houston Texans pretty quickly in free agency, even though he did not look all that great for the Denver Broncos last season. However, Robert Griffin III is still available. The reason for that is because NFL teams view him as more of a risk. The situation with the Washington Redskins might have robbed him of his confidence, so general managers and head coaches are worried that they are getting damaged goods.

Robert Griffin III deserves another chance in the NFL. With starting caliber quarterbacks being rare nowadays, someone is going to give him that chance. Griffin III seems like a really good kid, so a lot of people are rooting for him to finally become a star in the National Football League.

[Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images]