‘Big Brother Canada’ 4 Week 4 Spoilers: New HOH Crowned, Two Major Players Nominated for Eviction, and Have Nots Are Chosen

The Thursday night episode of Big Brother Canada 4 ended with house mates taking part in the week 4 Head of Household (HOH) competition. The cast members were randomly paired up in a challenge entitled "Locked Lips," which took place in a 1950's style setting. Each pair worked together to transport 50 pink balls from a diner type setup to a well at "Make Out Point" without using their hands in any way. Thus, pairs used their lips to move the balls as quickly as they could to win the HOH competition.

There was one catch, however – the pair that won had to decide which house guest of the two would becoming the reigning Big Brother Canada HOH for the week.

According to Joker's Updates live feed spoilers, the pair of Joel and Mitch were first to get all of their balls into the "Make Out Point" well. Ultimately, Mitch gave up his right to become week 4 HOH and seceded from the running, giving the HOH honor to Joel.

Not long after the HOH competition, week 3 HOH Loveita could be seen worried about her relationship with Joel, pondering whether she was as close to him as she should be, according to Big Brother Network. The website notes that Maddy and her clique were also a bit concerned as well that two of their group would be targeted for nomination.

Nevertheless, it turned out that neither Loveita nor Maddy had anything to worry about regarding the nomination ceremony that took place on Friday night. Ultimately, Joel did what many in the Big Brother Canada 4 house have wanted to do, but did not have the guts to follow through with. Joel nominated both Kelsey and Raul for nomination – or two-thirds of the Jared, Kelsey, and Raul clique.

Following this latest Big Brother Canada 4 nominations ceremony, Raul could be seen silently sitting up in bed with a completely stunned look on his face. In the Have Not room, Kelsey was crying as Jared attempted to make her feel better with comforting words, according to Joker's Updates.

Jared noted that he would try to win the upcoming Power of Veto (POV) challenge, remove Kelsey from the chopping block, and then hope Joel would place another big target up for eviction as a replacement nominee. On the Big Brother Canada live feeds Jared could be heard saying he wanted Dallas to be nominated for eviction.

The two currently nominated house members, Kelsey and Raul, are also Have Nots for the week, along with Tim and Jared. Tim seemed to be taking his Big Brother Canada Have Not status in stride, and could be seen on live feeds in the HOH abode saying he was fine with this week's arrangements.

On Thursday night, Christine was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house, as the other house guests choose to save Cassandra, the other week 3 nominee. Along with Cassandra, Christine had been nominated by last week's HOH, Loveita. Now on the outside, Christine gave an interview with Female First saying she was consistently irritated by Loveita during her time in the house.

Christine said the following about Loveita in the interview, " …everything she did was annoying. I just thought she was playing the worst game ever… it just felt like she was super annoying. I didn't like anything about her."

Interestingly enough, all three house guests that have already been evicted during this season of Big Brother Canada have been female. If Kelsey goes home in week 4 of the game, she will be the fourth female to be sent packing.

Nothing is set in stone yet, however, as the upcoming POV competition will determine who wins the awesome medallion and whether the power will be used. If one nominated player is saved by the POV winner and another cast member is placed on the block as a replacement nominee, this could once again dramatically change the entire dynamics of the game.

[Photo by S. Badz/Getty Images]