Lauren Bushnell’s Dark Past Before ‘The Bachelor’ And Ben Higgins Revealed

Lauren Bushnell's Dark Past Before 'The Bachelor' And Ben Higgins Revealed [Photo via ABC]

The Bachelor’s Ben Higgins has already gotten down on one knee and asked Lauren Bushnell to marry him. She said yes, of course, but has the show’s current winner been completely honest her future hubby?

According to an In Touch Weekly source, Lauren isn’t exactly the blonde bombshell that Ben Higgins thinks she is.

“Lauren isn’t the girl Ben thinks she is,” the source said. “She’s really been playing up the wholesome girl-next-door thing on the show, but Lauren has things in her past that she’s not proud of, and she’s keeping it from Ben.”

The source, a close friend to Bushnell’s ex-boyfriend, Sean Evans, stated that she loves to party. While dating Sean, she would drink all night and take shots by the pool, all while guzzling mixed drinks.

OK! Magazine reveals that while dating Sean, the partying got so out of control one night that it ended with Bushnell getting arrested for public intoxication during the Stagecoach Country Music Festival in Indio, California.

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Lauren Bushnell broke ties with Sean in April 2015, a mere five months before receiving an invite to compete against other women to win Ben’s heart.

The insider also calls Bushnell an emotional wreck and very needy.

“If Sean tried to go out with his friends, she would call and text him nonstop until he got back home,” the insider added. “[Ben will] be devastated when he finds out who the real Lauren is. His biggest fear in this whole process is to have someone break his trust.”

While the insider also believes that Bushnell should’ve been up front with Ben from the beginning, Bushnell has her own issues to deal with now that the show has aired, including having to watch her fiancée kiss other women and even tell JoJo Fletcher that he loves her too.

“It’s so confusing because here we are weeks out from being engaged and [the] relationship [has progressed] even further [than] when we first got engaged,” Bushnell told ET. “I know this happened weeks ago, but you’re re-watching it. It’s like ‘you’re cheating on me’ or something.”

But she said that all of that is in the past. She is focused on having a memorable wedding, which almost happened on the spot during an unexpected proposition from the show’s host, Chris Harrison, during After the Final Rose. Harrison asked if the newly engaged love birds wanted to marry on live TV.

'The Bachelor' 2016 Spoilers: Could Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Be The Next Couple To Have A Televised Wedding?

While the offer was intriguing and surprising, Bushnell said she wants to get married the traditional way.

“I was completely surprised. I did not expect that at all,” said Bushnell, according to Latin Post. “First of all, I want to go on a date with Ben. There’re so many things to do with him before actually saying ‘I do.’ I want to try on dresses, I want to do some of the more traditional things.”

The bride to be also admitted that she wants a big wedding.

“For me, as much as I want to marry Ben tomorrow, I would also like a big celebration planned with my family, with my friends. So I don’t think I really thought too much into it, although it was kind of tempting.”

Meanwhile, while Ben’s proposal sent runner-up Joelle “Jojo” Fletcher home heartbroken and devastated during the show’s finale, Jojo was officially named as the next star of The Bachelorette.

Many people may have been surprised by the choice, but Bushnell says that she wasn’t one of them.

“She’s fun and she’s going to have no problem finding a guy,” Bushnell said. “Guys are going to be lined up out the door.”

Nevertheless, despite reports of a hidden past Higgins will be devastated by, Higgins himself remains optimistic.

“Lauren and my intentions when we committed to each other was to commit to each other,” he shared. “[To] do whatever it takes to keep that commitment going forever [and] that’s why I think it’ll work. That’s why I have no doubt that it will work.”

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