Jenelle Evans Claims Nathan Griffith Is Withholding His Address, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Wants Custody Handled

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Jenelle Evans is taking on two custody battles at once. She has been talking about getting her eldest son, Jace, back from Barbara Evans for at least two years now. They are set to see a judge in May, and now Evans is working on getting a custody arrangement in place for Kaiser, her youngest son. Nathan Griffith is Kaiser’s father, but hasn’t seen him in quite some time. Evans and Griffith split last fall, and things haven’t been the same. She is feeling positive that she will get full custody of both her boys, but there are some roadblocks in her way for now.

Reports indicated that Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith would be meeting next week to begin the custody arrangement process. Mediation was supposed to begin on Monday, though it is unclear if that is still going to happen because of recent developments. According to Us Weekly, Jenelle Evans is accusing Nathan Griffith of withholding his address. She can’t allow her son to go with Griffith if she has no idea where he lives. While there is a case for him to argue it could be dangerous if Evans knows where he resides, it could make things incredibly complicated moving forward.

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Last fall, Jenelle Evans was arrested for attacking Nathan Griffith’s new girlfriend. In fact, that case will be brought up during the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2. It is still open, with a court date approaching in the near future. Evans isn’t interesting in discussing it at all. She wants to move on, and hopefully beat the charge. Her criminal record could play a role in the custody decision, especially since she has had 10 arrests in under a decade. This battle could get incredibly nasty, and both parties may be surprised by the outcome. Griffith has been baiting Evans on social media, and neither of them know when to stop aggravating the other.

On top of all the custody drama, Jenelle Evans has managed to alienate her Teen Mom 2 co-stars. Leah Messer has been the only one who has stayed out of whatever is happening with the other three ladies. Evans took a cheap shot at Chelsea Houska on Twitter regarding launching a website, and Kailyn Lowry stepped in to side with Houska.

According to SheKnows, Jenelle Evans is calling out Kailyn Lowry for her attitude. The ladies all got along at one point, but they are all vastly different. A lot has changed among the Teen Mom 2 cast, and Evans seems to be the odd man out. She has been in and out of trouble with the law, changed several partners, and still doesn’t have her life together. The other ladies have moved forward, even after enduring several setbacks.

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The next several months will prove how dedicated Jenelle Evans is to raising both of her sons. Her court date with Barbara Evans is scheduled for May, and the issues with Nathan Griffith are supposed to start being handled next week. There are several scenarios that could play out several different ways.

Despite claims that Evans was considering quitting Teen Mom 2, the amount of legal fees she will face will force her to continue working with MTV and earning that large paycheck. The girls each make around $250,000 per season according to Adam Lind. Without money coming in, Evans would be in a bad situation. Griffith also taped for Teen Mom 2 this season, which means he is bringing in some decent money, as well. The judge will be faced with a tough decision when deciding custody issues and choosing who Kaiser will reside with, Jenelle Evans or Nathan Griffith.

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