Kendall Jenner Shocking Breakdown: ‘KUWTK’ Star Suffers Anxiety Attack, Modeling Career Affecting Her Health

Kendall Jenner is reportedly struggling to keep up with her own hectic work schedule, having suffered from multiple breakdowns in the past couple of months, it has been revealed.

The 20-year-old is worrying her family because she doesn’t take time off from work. When she is not modeling the latest designs for the biggest brands in the world, she is filled up with photo shoots, endorsement deal projects, and magazine interviews.

A source adds that Jenner is overwhelmed by all of the things she has been doing in recent months, but when her siblings tell her to slow down and take a break from fashion, she brushes it off as if she is coping just fine with the gruelling scheduling.

“She’s been having sleepless nights, panic attacks and she’s barely eating because she has no appetite,” one source explained, stressing that Kendall Jenner hasn’t been herself as of late.

It is believed that Kendall’s downfall came about right around the time she signed on to star in last year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show. The model was bombarded with offers from designers, many of which the star couldn’t say no to, and insiders believe that was a bad idea. Her family told her she needed to rest before even thinking about signing on to do anything else, but Jenner would not listen.

“Doctors have warned her that she needs to take some time off and possibly go to rehab for treatment to get this under control, but she’s refusing. Everyone’s extremely worried about her. She needs help!” the source concluded.

Fans of the family’s hit show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, have definitely noticed Kendall Jenner’s absence from the program. In a recent episode, however, Kendall did state that she doesn’t find enough time to spend with her sister, Kylie, which has somewhat weighed on their relationship.

Everybody is convinced that Kendall just needs to relax and rest for a couple of months before she returns to work. If she continues her chaotic work schedule, insiders fear that her next breakdown will be much more severe and possibly lead to an unexpected hospitalization.

In the midst of Kendall’s health issues, recent reports have claimed that the model is rumored to be dating R&B singer Chris Brown. While the twosome were said to have been friends since 2012, Chris meeting up with Kendall in Milan, Italy, last month had given a lot of people the impression that the duo are now dating.

Chris was said to have been in the country for a performance he had signed to take part in. Meanwhile, Kendall was already booked to walk for several designers in their highly-anticipated fashion shows.

Chris Brown posted several video of himself hanging out with Kendall, who giggled and laughed as the singer continued to crack jokes. Should rumors be true that Kendall Jenner is seeing Chris, this would be her first public relationship since her infamous romance with One Direction’s Harry Styles, which many had believed wasn’t more than just another KUWTK publicity stunt.

Do you think Kendall Jenner should take a break from modeling? Or better yet, should she really be focusing her attention on boyfriends if she’s already struggling to take care of herself?

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs]