WWE Rumors: Huge Update On Bray Wyatt And Why He Won’t Have A Match At ‘WrestleMania 32’

wwe rumors bray wyatt back injury wrestlemania 32 brock lesnar roadblock

With less than three weeks until WrestleMania 32, there are eight matches confirmed and in place for the biggest pay-per-view of the year. There will be more coming, but as of yet, there is not a single Wyatt to be found. Rumors have been swirling that WWE has plans for Bray Wyatt that are much bigger than WrestleMania, but it appears as if there is a different reason why he won’t even be on the early April card.

This past Saturday, a live WWE Network special called Roadblock took place and it was meant to see Bray Wyatt take on Brock Lesnar. At the last minute, Wyatt was joined by Luke Harper in what was now a handicap match.

Lesnar decimated Harper and Wyatt didn’t tag in one single time as recapped by the WWE website.

wwe rumors bray wyatt back injury wrestlemania 32 brock lesnar roadblock
Fans weren’t entirely sure why this happened and why they didn’t get the match that was advertised for them at Roadblock. The fans in attendance and watching at home were quite disappointed, but then a rumor came out as to why this happened.

As reported by Inquisitr, Wyatt didn’t fight Lesnar because WWE reportedly wanted to save that match for after WrestleMania 32 and make it a big feud. Well, that seems great and like a true money-making feud, but it may not be the reason the Roadblock match was changed.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Bray Wyatt is actually dealing with a back injury, but it’s not a small situation. It appears as if the back injury is “pretty significant,” and it’s what kept him out of the match at Roadblock.

wwe rumors bray wyatt back injury wrestlemania 32 brock lesnar roadblock
At this time, it is not known how or when the back injury happened. Some believe it happened on Monday Night Raw before Roadblock that saw Wyatt take on Dean Ambrose in a rather physical match, but that isn’t yet confirmed.

His most recent match in the last week was on March 8 at the SmackDown taping in an 8-man tag, according to Wrestling Inc.

It also isn’t known how long Bray Wyatt may be out of the ring, but it certainly doesn’t appear as if he is going to be wrestling at WrestleMania 32. He may appear and accompany other members of The Wyatt Family, but none of them are scheduled for matches either as of yet.

The plans, or lack thereof, for The Wyatt Family at WrestleMania have been looked at as shocking and a “travesty.” Maybe now, there is a bit more sense as to why they haven’t seen their names mentioned with any of the big event booking.

As for Bray Wyatt, the match between him and Brock Lesnar was originally planned and scheduled for WrestleMania 32, but then scrapped. It’s still not known what the reasoning is for that as WWE was truly building up to it.

wwe rumors bray wyatt back injury wrestlemania 32 brock lesnar roadblock
Now, WWE wanted to plant the seeds yet again for the Wyatt vs. Lesnar feud with the match at Roadblock, but then the back injury pops up and takes that away yet again. The way things had been going, as shown at the end of Monday Night Raw last week, Wyatt was finally taking an interest in the WWE Title too.

Maybe the company was going to move onto a Wyatt vs. Lesnar feud after WrestleMania, have Wyatt actually go over, and then have him go after whomever holds the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Now though, those plans are on hold once again.

Bray Wyatt‘s big push has been put on hold twice in the last four months, and it’s quite a shame as he’s improved a lot in the ring and on the mic over the past couple of years. Maybe WWE does still have huge plans in place for Wyatt and Brock Lesnar after WrestleMania, but a back injury is going to force that to be put on hold.

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