March 17, 2016
'Lobo' Gets A Scribe -- 'Wonder Woman' Movie Writer To Pen Inter-Galactic Bounty Hunter

What was once lost has now been renewed. Wonder Woman writer Jason Fuchs has also been dubbed the writer for the Lobo movie. The film was thought to be delayed long ago, but now the inter-galactic bounty hunter looks to be coming on board into the DC Extended Universe.

This does indicate indeed Warner Brothers' faith in the gentleman's creative works. According to The Wrap via some insiders, Fuchs intends on developing the Lobo character from scratch.

Hopefully, the Lobo writer will stay true to the basic framework of the character as he's one evil beast of an alien known to have killed every member of his own race, leaving himself the last one. His name means "one who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it," according to Wikia.

September of last year, it was only rumored that Jason Fuchs was to write Wonder Woman and at the time was extremely tight-lipped and joked about how Zack Snyder would "muzzle" him during a Collider interview. However, Fuchs did come to talk of the DC Cinematic Universe in general and the characters, as a fan. In fact, he said he was a huge fan.

"I can tell you, I am someone who from a very young age was a huge fan of DC Comics. A huge fan of that key troika in the Justice League of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as all the other characters."
So it looks like the Wonder Woman and now designated Lobo comic book movie screen writer is quite familiar with the franchise. Beyond this announcement, there's not much else new that is known about this film.

The Lobo movie was "indefinitely delayed" almost a year ago, according to Cinema Blend, and covered the reason why, and according to San Andreas and Rampage movie director Brad Peyton, he spoke of the issue concerning the lesser-known bounty hunter. Apparently, there is indeed quite a few major DC characters to get out there into view before taking on the smaller characters from the DC Comics. An emphasis on priority Peyton believed to be essential.

Peyton had this to say,

"I think what's happening with DC is that they have prioritized what they need to make first in order to kind of lay the foundations for the DC Universe. This is what I believe is happening just from what they've been taking about. They're talking about Justice League, Batman v Superman, and going into Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. Those are kind of the pillars of that universe."
So far Warner Brothers has announced their big-time character line-up already slated for the big screen, so wouldn't it make sense to put out feelers for the lesser-known characters like Lobo at this time? It was even rumored, according to a report by Comic Book Movie, that back in 2010, six years ago, his sources said that the studios were "tossing around the idea of including Lobo" in the Justice League movie.

So perhaps Fuchs' newly announced role to pen Lobo may include content of the character's involvement in the Chris Terrio-written superhero team-up movie? Was this the trigger or signal for the studios to go ahead and dip their toes into the smaller DC Comics character pool?

In 2012, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson confirmed the rumors that he was in talks to play Lobo and then the comic book movie idea just "went away" as things happen in Hollywood, according to Screen Rant. Of course, back then a lot of comic book movie ideas were said to have been toyed with.

Characters such as Deadman, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Aquaman, and The Flash were ideas all toyed with, but according to Screen Rant, they "have all sputtered along without gaining much traction."

Now it's 2016 and most of the aforementioned characters no longer "sputter" and has more "traction" than ever, so hopefully the Wonder Woman writer can pull off a second DC Cinematic venture with the Lobo movie.

[Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Motion Picture & Television Fund]