‘The Division’: Player First To Reach Level 99 In The Dark Zone — Claims ‘Stacked Increased XP Gear’

The Division game Dark Zone rogues will have their work cut out for them if they should ever turn against this level 99 player. It even looks like cover isn’t even necessary for this player as he can indeed take a hit from the level 30 NPCs (Non-Player Characters).


The Division agent/player Chaos 3SK took on 130 hours of game play since its first-week launch, according to Game Rant.

(Warning: Video game violence and language.)

It was fun watching Reddit user Chammer88 see through high-level NPCs like they were nothing as he easily makes it to what he thinks is the maximum level the game could offer the character. He cited his expedient success by taking an optimal path via “stacked increased XP gear.”

“Just hit Dark Zone Rank 99. Will push on to max it out although I think that’s max level? Either way will find out soon. Thanks for an awesome grind Massive! Had a lot of fun and still having a lot of fun.”

This was evidenced by a public service announcement on Reddit by Renault829 who talked about using this technique which would give a 70 percent increase. A comparison was made between killing NPCs with the experience-point-gaining gear versus those without the equipment attributes.

That being said, there was a considerable experience point differential when killing a non-named character with and without said gear.

“Just for some numbers and to push the validity of the argument. A level 30 DZ, non-named was giving me 165 experience points without any increases. With the gains I was getting 277 experience points.”

So basically there are armor pieces out there that can cause an influx of experience points when working together. Another way to accomplish this is by re-calibrating your gear for increased experience.

The Division agent was ranking a few levels above 90 when he said he last died at 93, taking on a penalty of 85,000 experience points in the Dark Zone. Seems there’s indeed some major risk to be had in this area of the map.

It was later confirmed via an edit on Reddit by Chammer88 that level 99 in the Dark Zone is the highest one can go.

“Can confirm that 99 is the max level. I’ve maxed out 99 and it won’t tick over to 100, nor will the bar progress any further.”

The Division Tracker shows Chaos 3SK/Chammer88 at the phenomenal ranking of one and falls into the top 1 percent of The Dark Zone level. He attributes his success to having plenty of spare time. He also has over 14,500 kills under his belt and from the looks of it, he hasn’t engaged much at all when encountering rogue players, having a very minimal amount of rogue kills on record at the tracker site.

This event will likely inspire other Division players to find the best way to achieve this accolade. There are tons of guides out there giving tips regarding paths to take farming gear, equipment, tools, and the like in order to equip your player with optimal efficiency. One such example came from a YouTuber, Mesa Sean, who had given great tips when it comes to farming the purple equipment/weapons.

The Division is also without its ton of Redditors that give helpful advice, and one such person, NateProject, gave unto the community a great path through The Dark Zone when it comes to farming. There was even an alternate path given.


This and other tips given by The Division community, with a nice increase in YouTube information and game tutorials, will likely indeed be greatly resourceful for the highly popular MMORPG action shooter.

Ubisoft Massive’s The Division game is available currently for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 with future DLC packages on the horizon.

[Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]