Lisa Vanderpump Tweets Eileen Davidson The Middle Finger

Lisa Vanderpump is quite mad at one of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars, mad enough that she tweeted that co-star the middle finger emoji. Surprisingly, the co-star who is the recipient of Lisa’s wrath is not Yolanda Foster, Lisa Rinna, or Erika Girardi, but Eileen Davidson.

On Wednesday morning, Lisa tweeted that she does have great empathy for humans and supports many causes that are important to her. She included a link to a video of her giving a speech after accepting the Equality California’s Ally Leadership Award in Palm Springs in October 2015. Lisa ended her tweet with giving the middle finger emoji to Eileen regarding her Bravo blog.

What did Eileen write in her blog that has Lisa so mad? In her blog, Eileen addressed her non-participation in Lisa’s Stop Yulin Forever march and protest, which was shown on Tuesday night’s episode of Real Housewives. Eileen made clear that she’s unapologetic for not going and criticized Lisa for making her seem heartless for not going.

“Lisa V.’s support of the Stop Yulin Forever is wonderful. I was invited to the protest, but I couldn’t go. Obviously, it was because I’m a total sociopath who wants all dogs, even my own, to be tortured, then murdered, then eaten for my own entertainment. Or at least that’s what it seemed Lisa V. was insinuating at dinner. I’m not going to apologize for being a working mother of a twelve-year-old who made the decision to spend a day at home with her son. Should I have to? I guess next week all of us, and our issues, are packing up and headed to Dubai. I wonder if there are any dogs there I can murder?”

Lisa V.’s tweet may have also been a response to Yolanda’s blog, in which she wondered why Lisa V. cannot show her and other human sufferings the same “emotional depth” that she has for dogs. Yolanda wondered whether Lisa V. and her pals were marching really because it brings themselves attention.

“It is interesting to see some of these adult women make such calculating moves without any respect or empathy for other human beings suffering, yet they spend the day marching for Yulin. Is it because that moment brings them significant attention?…I was touched seeing LVP’s emotion while talking about the poor dogs, and I do wish she would sometimes access this same emotional depth and apply it to us, her human friends.”

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, during a group dinner prior to the protest, Eileen told Lisa that she couldn’t go to the protest because she has been working so much and needs a day of rest. Then, Eileen and Lisa, as they have every time they see one another lately, got into an argument. Eileen maintained that Lisa is manipulative.

“I know that [Rinna] told you in the van that I mentioned something about you being manipulative. I don’t think I’m reinventing the wheel here.”

In her confessional interview, Eileen Davidson wondered why Lisa Rinna doesn’t have the nerve to stand up to Lisa Vanderpump.

“Lisa Rinna’s got big balls around me. She gets around the other people that she’s got something to say? Boom, she clams up. Sometimes, I think Lisa Rinna can be all bark and no bite.”

Lisa R., in her confessional interview, said that she allowed herself to become the scapegoat. Presumably, Lisa R. meant that she allowed herself to become Lisa V.’s scapegoat.

“Obviously, I allowed myself to become the scapegoat.”

As the episode aired, Lisa R. tweeted a link to an interview that Lisa V. did in which she said she encourages her co-stars to talk about certain things.

In a previous episode, Eileen and Lisa R. had a beachside chat where Eileen confronted Lisa R. about denying, during a previous group dinner, that Lisa V. is manipulative. Eileen chided Lisa R. for sticking up for Lisa V. when they both know that she’s manipulative. Surprisingly, Lisa R. agreed with Eileen that Lisa V.’s manipulative. Lisa R. explained that she has been protective of Lisa V. and didn’t say anything because she wanted to protect their friendship. Lisa R. declared that she wasn’t keeping quiet anymore.

Lisa R. then claimed that it was Lisa V. who encouraged her to publicly bring up the speculation regarding Yolanda’s Lyme disease. According to Lisa R., Lisa V., aware that Lisa R. had engaged in a conversation with someone regarding Yolanda and Munchausen syndrome, called her and encouraged her to speak out about the rumor. Additionally, Lisa R. claimed that Lisa V. and Kyle Richards had conversations amongst themselves about whether Yolanda was faking her disease and even giggled over some of Yolanda’s Instagram photos documenting her illness.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kyle Richards denied Lisa Rinna’s claims while Yolanda Foster said that if true, Lisa R.’s claims are shocking.

In her own blog post, Lisa V. hinted that perhaps Lisa R. is being influenced by Eileen.

“I cannot invest in the vicious conversations, the aggressive pettiness from some Housewives who clearly have little else to focus on. Initially I saw LR saying in response to ED that she didn’t want any part of her insinuations, but I understand somehow in a week something changed that—something or somebody…”

Lisa V. also admitted that she has stopped watching the show “in an attempt to survive the emotional lambasting.” She closed her blog by telling the housewives who accuse her of being manipulative to “get a f**king life.”

“The minuscule amount of time I spend with my friends should be enjoyed, and I find it almost funny that as I struggle to manage my own life, the notion that I am manipulating theirs, gives an importance that is hardly credible…and to the Housewives that insinuate they are being manipulated and don’t take responsibility for their own choices and actions, I have some sound advice…Get a f—ing life.”

Two weeks ago, Eileen Davidson, after receiving viewer criticism over her treatment of Lisa Vanderpump, defended herself by tweeting that she has no interest in taking anyone down.

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