Yolanda Foster Says Lisa Rinna’s Claims Regarding Lisa Vanderpump And Kyle Richards Are ‘Shocking’

Does Yolanda Foster believe Lisa Rinna’s claim, which viewers saw her make on Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, that Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards gossiped about her Lyme disease and that Lisa V. actually encouraged her to bring up the possibility that she is faking her illness? In her blog post regarding the latest episode, Yolanda didn’t say whether she believes Lisa R. but did say that Lisa R.’s “revelations” are “shocking.

Yolanda added that if Lisa R.’s statements are true, then it won’t be the last that the cast hears of the matter. It seems that Yolanda predicts that the matter will be brought up at the season 6 reunion show filming, which takes place soon.

“I must say, though, that tonight’s revelations are shocking, and if Rinna’s statements are true, this will not be the last we hear of it.”

On the latest episode, during a chat with Eileen Davidson, Lisa R. actually agreed with Eileen that Lisa V. can be manipulative. On the beach, Eileen brought up to Lisa R. how she acted shocked and disagreed when she heard at Yolanda’s dinner party that Erika Girardi said that Lisa V. is manipulative. Eileen told Lisa R. that they both know that Lisa V. can be manipulative and that she doesn’t like how Erika was thrown under the bus for just having good instincts.

In contrast to her previous defense of Lisa V., Lisa R. actually agreed with Eileen that Lisa V. can be manipulative. Why the change of heart? She dropped the bombshell claim that Lisa V. and Kyle talked about whether Yolanda really has Lyme disease. Lisa V. added that Lisa V. and Kyle sent one another photos and giggled over the matter.

“I know. I really tried to be Lisa’s cheerleader because I really do love her in so many ways. But she really has done some things and I wanna be honest about it now cause I feel like I was protecting her and I’ve been protecting her…She has some control over me in that area and I allow it. I kept quiet because I was hoping to protect a friendship. I do think Lisa’s been manipulative but I think a lot of people have been manipulative. Both Lisa and Kyle talked plenty about Yolanda and whether she had Munchausen or whether she was faking it and they sent pictures back and forth to each other. Pictures back and forth to each other, giggling, absolutely. Lisa doesn’t do her own work. That’s manipulation right there.

In her confessional interview, Lisa R. claimed that Lisa V. encouraged her to bring up the debate regarding Yolanda’s Lyme disease.

“I got a call from Vanderpump. She knew I engaged in a conversation with someone who said, ‘I think Yolanda has Munchausen and Lisa encouraged me to express it. 100%.”

Earlier in the season, when Lisa Rinna told Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards that she “engaged” in a conversation with someone else about Yolanda Foster’s Lyme disease and the word Munchausen was brought up, Lisa V. and Kyle seemed taken aback and shocked.


During her chat with Eileen, Lisa R. also touched upon the dinner party that Erika Girardi threw the previous night, which both Eileen and Yolanda missed out on. Eileen didn’t attend because of work and Yolanda didn’t attend because she wasn’t feeling well, at least that’s what she told Erika. Lisa R. gave her opinion that Yolanda just didn’t want to go. Lisa R. told Eileen that she actually saw photos of Yolanda having lunch with Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards the day of Erika’s dinner. Lisa R. said that Yolanda was using her sickness to her benefit.

In her blog, Yolanda denied Lisa R.’s accusation. Yolanda explained that she already committed to go to lunch with Brandi and Kim prior to getting the invite to Erika’s dinner and that she was too tired from the outing to go out again.

“Rinna made it sound like me cancelling dinner was some disloyal gesture to Erika, yet, what she didn’t know was that when Erika invited me, I had already committed to brunch across the street with Brandi and Kim to celebrate Kim’s birthday, which I had previously missed. Even though I slept the rest of the day, I realized my spoons were up.”

In her own blog post, Lisa R. maintained that Lisa V. encouraged her to bring up the matter of Yolanda’s illness.

“I fully own the fact that I brought up the Munchausen convo that I had with my hairdresser. From the start, I didn’t feel good about having that particular conversation, and when I brought it to Kyle and LVP, they were the first ones to bring up the inconsistencies about Yolanda and her illness! LVP called me and encouraged me to share the conversation I had with my hairdresser. I own the fact that I was the one to use the word Munchausen, and let me be very clear here: No one put a gun to my head, and I take full responsibility for bringing the topic up. I own that. But LVP simply needs to own the fact that she encouraged me.”

Lisa R. also accused Yolanda again of just not wanting to go to Erika’s dinner.

“I was surprised that Yolanda wasn’t there since Erika has been such a loyal and supportive friend to her. I knew this was somewhat of a big deal for Erika to have us all over to meet Tom, who is a very busy man…I guess Yolanda didn’t “count her spoons” that day and wore herself out at lunch with Brandi and Kim. Hmmm… oh well.”

Will viewers see Lisa Rinna fighting with Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, AND Yolanda Foster at The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 6 reunion show? On Sunday, Lisa tweeted that she’s getting ready for the reunion. Tellingly, she added three snake emojis to her tweet.


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