'The Vampire Diaries' Renewed For Season 8: Fans Want It Axed?

The Vampire Diaries got the official news last Friday that it would be renewed for Season 8. This was great news for the cast and crew, but some fans viewed it with annoyance. They were ready to see the show come to an end, saying that it should have ended with Season 6.

Many expected Season 7 of the hit vampire show to be the last. The ratings were dropping, and the show's move to a Friday night was considered the final nail in the coffin. The Inquisitr previously reported that a small promise of Klaroline helped rating spike, but it did not last for long. Within two weeks, that little promise turned out to be a red herring, and Klaroline shippers were left disappointed. The last episode had seen a ratings drop again, and those who did watch were disappointed with the three-year time jump.

Various fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment in the CW's decision, according to Design & Trend. They said that Season 7 should definitely be the last, with some saying that Elena's departure at the end of Season 6 should have been the moment the show finished. Those who had watched it from the start had questioned how the show focused on a love triangle between Elena and the Salvatore brothers could continue without her. Other fans of The Vampire Diaries could not see how Damon could continue when Elena was not around, or why he would choose to keep Bonnie alive for so long.

There are plenty of fans happy with the Season 8 news. Some say that the recent episodes have picked up the storyline, and the jump three years into the future has helped. People want to see more of why Stefan and Damon are now against each other and how their relationship will continue after Damon selfishly chose himself. They want to know how Enzo and Bonnie's romance bloomed, along with Caroline and Alaric's. Other fans of The Vampire Diaries also want to know why Matt turned sides and started helping Rayna.

The show will pick back up again on April 1, as the Inquisitr has reported. It will pick up three years into the future, with "bridge backs" to show how storylines have developed. Fans did not get to see the total Vampire Diaries jump, with the three years passing by showing Damon's desiccation in the coffin. While fans were angry at Damon's decision and the way the time jump was handled, they still want to know the reasons, decisions, and developments in storylines.

The Vampire Diaries' official synopsis for Episode 16 has now been released. While Damon has agreed to transfer the mark to him, he finds out that it will have some unexpected side effects. There are rumors that Stefan will actually end up back in Rayna's phoenix stone, which would then make sense why Damon and Valerie are seen working together in the trailer for the episode.

Enzo is also blamed for Rayna's escape. The last time she was seen, she had been captured by The Armoury, and three years later, she is out. Enzo has reportedly been framed for the release and needs to prove his innocence.

There is the possibility that Rayna will be somehow killed off this season. However, The Vampire Diaries has a habit of keeping villains around, considering Klaus now has his own show, The Originals. It took five years for Katherine Pierce to be killed off, so there is a chance that Rayna will be kept around for Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries, the season fans are debating whether should happen.

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