Could Johnny Manziel Sign With The Philadelphia Eagles In Free Agency?

Johnny Manziel was released by the Cleveland Browns after all of the off-the-field drama that he has caused over the last couple of seasons. There were zero teams interested enough in him to claim him on waivers from the Browns. That being said, the Philadelphia Eagles could be a team to watch as free agency continues when it comes to Manziel.

Doug Pederson is the new head coach in Philadelphia and may want to bring in a new backup behind Sam Bradford. Philadelphia just traded Mark Sanchez to the Denver Broncos, which has opened up a position.

David Steele of opined that the Eagles could be one of the top landing spots for Manziel in free agency.

Even though Manziel has struggled with issues away from football, he has shown improvement on the field over the last couple of years. He had a couple of huge games for the Browns this season, which has set the stage for a team like the Eagles to give him a chance at a fresh start.

Last season with the Browns, Manziel ended up with solid all-around numbers. He completed 57.8 percent of his pass attempts for 1,500 yards, seven touchdowns, and five interceptions. Manziel also racked up 230 yards on the ground.

Are the Philadelphia Eagles in play for Johnny Manziel?

Why would the Eagles take a risk on a player like Manziel rather than bringing in a more seasoned veteran?

Quite simply, the upside for Manziel is there, and his potential is endless. There is no telling how good Manziel can become if he gets his head on straight and focuses on reaching his full potential. Pederson is the type of coach who will be willing to sit down and work with the troubled quarterback and help him recognize his potential on the field and figure out his life away from the gridiron as well.

At just 23-years-old, the future still holds plenty of hope for Manziel. He may be going through some serious off-the-field problems that could result in a suspension from the NFL, but that doesn’t mean his career is over. Players have gone through punishment from the league in the past and bounced back to have solid careers.

Bradford is penciled in as the starting quarterback for the Eagles heading into the 2016 season. He completed 65.0 percent of his pass attempts last season for 3,725 yards, 19 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions. There were many things left to be desired in his play, and there is a history of health issues for him as well.

Manziel would be brought in strictly as the backup quarterback, but he could help put pressure on Bradford to continue working hard and improving his game.

There is no doubt that the Eagles could end up being in play for Manziel. All of that will depend on what kind of suspension he receives — if he receives any from the league. Philadelphia isn’t the type of franchise to shy away from picking up a talented player simply because of the media onslaught that they would receive for doing so.

Are the Philadelphia Eagles a potential suitor for quarterback Johnny Manziel?

Other teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams, and San Francisco 49ers have been rumored as landing spots for Manziel. Whether they will show interest or not is a question that only time will tell. Philadelphia would give Manziel a chance to compete for playing time, as well as work with a former NFL quarterback in Pederson, who was the definition of professional throughout his career.

Philadelphia would be very smart to at least check in on Manziel as free agency continues and sit down to talk with him.

While the drama away from football is concerning, there is the fact that Manziel is a very young player. That can’t be used as an excuse for everything he has done, but learning the ropes isn’t easy for young players. Manziel needs someone to take him under their wing and mentor him moving forward.

Would Johnny Manziel be a good fit with the Philadelphia Eagles? Should the Eagles look into signing him as free agency continues?

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