‘iZombie’ Season 2, Episode 15 Extended Promo: A ‘Major’ Confrontation In ‘He Blinded Me… With Science’

iZombie finally returns to the CW network in one week. Season 2, episode 15 is titled “He Blinded Me… With Science.” The synopsis and an extended promo have been released. What can fans expect on the next episode of iZombie?

Spoilers Guide published the synopsis for iZombie season 2, episode 15. In “He Blinded Me… With Science,” Liv (Rose McIver) and Detective Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) will investigate another murder. This time, it is a research scientist who was demoted at her job prior to being killed. When Liv and Babineaux discover where the research scientist was working, both iZombie characters are shocked.

The synopsis for iZombie season 2, episode 15 also reveals that Blaine (David Anders) will go to the morgue to visit Ravi (Rahul Kohli.) Also, expect Liv to learn something new about Drake (Greg Finley), and Vaughn du Clark (Steven Weber) will confront Robert Buckley’s character, Major.

The extended promo clip for iZombie season 2, episode 15 reveals something interesting about Liv. In “He Blinded Me… With Science,” viewers will see a brand new Liv! Instead of having an ultra-pale appearance, Liv looks more like a “living” person. Her hair is dyed blonde instead of the shocking white fans are used to. Her locks are curled, and she even has makeup applied to give her that special glow of someone with a pulse.

What else is known about the upcoming episode? The promo clip for the next episode of iZombie is quite funny. Blaine is on public transportation and actually looks like a zombie. His face appears to be decaying, and he is covered with blood. Wrapped in what appears to be a red and white checkered tablecloth or blanket, a passenger on the city bus gives Blaine some strange looks. In the next scene, Blaine walks into the morgue. He stumbles in walking like an undead corpse and gives the standard “braaaiiins” greeting that one would expect from a zombie. Ravi turns around suddenly, shocked at was he sees. Ravi asks Blaine if he is joking in the iZombie extended promo. Blaine replies that he really does need brains.

In “He Blinded Me… With Science,” expect Ravi not to appreciate the hard work that it took for Liv to achieve her new look. Ravi says that Liv’s new look is “weird and creepy.” Rose McIver’s character simply responds that Ravi spends too much time in the morgue. Is Liv’s new look the result of a certain brain she consumed? Or is the main character in iZombie trying to look more human? Fans will have to wait one more week to find out when iZombie season 2, episode 15 airs.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the CW network renewed iZombie for season 3, as well as The 100, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, and many other shows. In an interview with TV Insider, executive producer Rob Thomas spoke about the show going on for another year. It turns out that the timing was perfect since the cast was filming the iZombie season 2 finale when the announcement was made. However, Thomas was not on set, so executive producer Dan Etheridge relayed the news to Rob Thomas.

“Our wrap party is tomorrow night, even though we’ve got two more days of shooting,” Rob Thomas told TV Insider about the CW network renewing iZombie. “It means our crew has jobs for next year, we have a show. It’s great news to get right at this moment.”

What do you think of the iZombie season 2, episode 15 extended promo clip? What will happen in “He Blinded Me… With Science?” Are you looking forward to the zombie series being on the CW network for another year?

iZombie season 2, episode 15, titled “He Blinded Me… With Science” airs March 22 on the CW network.

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