‘The Bachelor’ Finale Spoilers: Ben Higgins Gave Away The Final Rose To…

The Bachelor finale aired last night, and Ben Higgins gave away the final rose. Who was the lucky lady? Was it 24-year-old real estate developer JoJo? Was it 25-year-old flight attendant Lauren? In the last Bachelor episode before last night’s finale, Ben told JoJo that he was in love with her. But then he told her that he had also told Lauren that he loved her in a moment that left us as confused and happy as JoJo seemed to be.

In the final moments of The Bachelor finale, who did our bachelor choose? We saw the finale promo over the last week. We scoured it for spoilers.

All we could really get from it was that our bachelor believed he was in love with both women, which raised a million questions and doubts of its own.

So how did it end up? Did his decision stick? The success rate of relationships that come out of The Bachelor isn’t so great. Did this one defy the odds? What’s happened since our bachelor proposed in the finale episode? So much to catch up on. Here we go.

Spoilers follow. Stop reading now if you don’t want to be spoiled.

On the finale of this year’s The Bachelor, Ben Higgins gave the final rose and proposed to Lauren. But given the circumstances, the journey to that moment was bumpy, to say the least.

In the finale episode, bachelor Ben Higgins took both women to Jamaica to meet his parents. First he took Lauren, who, as E! Online said, “set the bar so impossibly high that they were just sure JoJo couldn’t match it…until they met her.”

Ben’s mom told him she preferred JoJo, but both parents seemed as confused about which woman their bachelor son should propose to in the finale as he was.

Our bachelor did seem truly pulled in both directions, but he continually said that JoJo lets him be himself. And it was JoJo who picked up on bachelor Ben’s dilemma of loving two women. So much drama in this finale. It even seemed as if our bachelor didn’t completely choose who he would propose to in the finale until he picked out the ring!

Our hearts were crushed when JoJo’s was crushed and our bachelor told her in a finale watched by millions of viewers, “I found love with you, but I found it with somebody else more.” Ouch. She told him she was happy for him and walked back to the limo.

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Bachelor Ben picks up the phone and calls Lauren’s father for his blessing to propose to his daughter. Before he does, they have the cutest Grey’s Anatomy conversation in a romantic moment we all needed after the ups and downs of this Bachelor finale.

She tells him, “You’re my person.”

He responds with, “I wanna wake up every morning and kiss you on the face.”

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As for the current status of things between bachelor Ben and Lauren, judging by their behavior on After the Rose following last night’s finale, yes, they are still together and very much in love.

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This was Season 20 for The Bachelor. There have been over 200 episodes. In Season 11, bachelor Brad Womack didn’t choose either finalist. He appeared again in Season 15 and proposed to Emily Maynard. They eventually broke up. Prior to this season of The Bachelor, there was only one season that ended with a relationship that is still intact today. That was Season 17, when bachelor Sean Lowe proposed to Catherine Giudici. Here’s hoping Ben and Lauren end up with a life and love as happy as Sean and Catherine’s seem to be.


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