‘Supergirl’ Episode 16 Recap — When Supergirl Becomes A Mean Girl

At the conclusion of last week’s Supergirl, Kara was finally able to work with the DEO again, having finally gotten over the mistrust that resulted from the death of her villainous aunt. Non was absent from the show, presumably still observing a time of mourning after the death of Astra. At CatCo Worldwide Media, Supergirl was in the midst of a rivalry with Siobhan Smythe. Romantically, Kara was taking no action on the feelings she has for James Olsen, who just got dumped — unbeknownst to Supergirl — by Lucy Lane.

This week, Supergirl’s dark side comes to life after an accidental interaction with synthetic kryponite, resulting in relational problems with everyone from the DEO and Cat Grant to her sister and her crush. The following includes spoilers for Supergirl, Episode 16, originally airing on CBS on March 14.

Episode Recap

In an attempt to come up with a way to prevent Non from returning to Earth and destroying the entire planet, Maxwell Lord and Lord Industries develop a synthetic kryptonite. It isn’t quite the same, as viewers can tell by the fact that it glows red rather than green. But the impact it has on Kara is that it unleashes all of her evil feelings, which essentially turns her into a “Mean Girl” version of Supergirl. Lord develops a weapon to eliminate the presence of “Red K” from Supergirl completely, but not immediately. To save Alex, Hank has to take on his Martian Manhunter form and gets locked in the alien cell at the DEO.

Kara creates all sorts of problems for herself while under the influence of Red K. After stopping super-strong alien K’Hund from pulling a major heist, she simply let’s him go free after roughing him up. At work, tired of competing with chronic suck-up Siobhan, Kara makes sure that Cat finds out Smythe was going behind her back with a story, resulting in Siobhan being fired.

Speaking of Cat, her level of influence over the people of National City is made clear, as her opinion of Supergirl (which fluctuates throughout this episode due to the Red K-induced mood swings) is mirrored by the citizens as they consume her message. At a club, Kara pulls James onto the dance floor. Being more aggressive than usual, she makes her feelings very clear. She goes so far as to start saying mean things about Lucy, at which point James loses interest in dancing. Later, when Supergirl is no longer under the influence of Lord’s experiment, James explains that he would need some time before he and Kara would be completely okay again.

That is all of the essential content from this week’s episode, “Falling.” At the end of the show, Senator Miranda Crane visits Hank/Manhunter in the DEO prison, clearly saddened that she has to lock him away. The status of Winn’s semi-secret relationship with Siobhan isn’t addressed. However, the “kinda vague-ish” spoiler provided by Italia Ricci seems to indicate that we’ll see Silver Banshee before the end of the season. Perhaps Winn will be tempted to embrace the dark side.

The trailer for next week’s Episode 17, “Manhunter,” doesn’t reveal much other than the fact that Supergirl has a plan to win back the trust of National City.

Where To Watch

CBS airs Supergirl on Monday nights at 8/7 p.m. Central. Replays of the most recent episode of Supergirl are available to stream on-demand at CBS.com. The trailer for next week’s episode is below.

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