‘Supergirl’ Episode 14 Recap — Introductions Of Silver Banshee & Master Jailer

Since Supergirl missed a week due to the Grammys, viewers have had to wait two weeks to see Kara Danvers and friends return to CBS on Monday night’s episode, “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” The end of the last episode felt almost like a season finale, in that everything seemed mostly at peace, and there was a happy ending with no obvious danger or conflicts in the immediate future. Although an alien plant/life-form almost killed her in the last episode, the hallucinations Kara experienced under the attack reminded her just how much she loved her friends and family on Planet Earth.

As the new episode of Supergirl begins, Kara still misses her villainous aunt, Astra, and has been lead to believe that head of the DEO Hank Henshaw was her killer — when in reality it was Kara’s adoptive sister and DEO agent, Alex. Throughout the episode, Kara is visibly upset with Hank, as she believes that she could have done more for Astra if she hadn’t been killed. Against Hank’s wishes, Alex repeatedly tries to confess the truth to Supergirl, but is interrupted every time she tries. (It seems like the kind of thing she might reveal during the season finale, leaving viewers in wait as Kara is visibly upset with Alex and the conflict goes unresolved into Season 2.)

The very first interruption comes from Non. Residents of Crypton apparently take death rituals very seriously, as Non merely asks Kara to assist with the rites of her aunt. Kara gives the Prayer for the Dead, and then Non warns her about what she can expect when the traditional two-weeks of rest and reflection are over.

“I shall observe the period of mourning. And then, Kara Zor-El, the next coffin shall be yours.”

Maxwell Lord is still being held by the DEO. But as James “Jimmy” Olsen will repeatedly remind Supergirl, he finds the situation unethical and doesn’t like lying about it when the question of Lord’s whereabouts comes up at work. The DEO has their facility to hold aliens, not humans, and Lord hasn’t been accused of any crimes.

And if wrestling over the ethics of holding Lord and coping with the death of a relative wasn’t enough, Kara’s boss hired another assistant at work who continually does whatever she can to show Kara up. The new assistant — Siobhan Smythe — has her roots in the DC Canon. Silver Banshee is only known by “Siobhan Smythe” in the Prime Earth continuity. In that version, she is an ally of Supergirl, and eventually they take on Smythe’s father (Black Banshee) together. In the comics, Kara and Siobhan did clash a little bit at first, so perhaps things will remain that way through Season 1 before more is revealed about Smythe.


The primary conflict of this episode revolves around someone who has been finding escapees of Fort Rozz and then taking it upon themselves to behead the former captives. Supergirl and the DEO interrupt the villain and find that it’s Master Jailer, who previously worked at Fort Rozz under Kara’s mother. He believes that he is simply doing what Alura would have wanted, and that all of the escaped convicts from Fort Rozz deserve death.

As Kara is the only one who is able to stop him, he manages to capture her in a prison, putting the energy of a red sun in her cell to eliminate the super powers she has on earth. She is trapped next to a Walter White-esque character, who was arrested after trying to import illegal drugs to help pay for his sick wife’s medical needs. Her interaction with this professor helps her realize that the DEO probably shouldn’t be holding Maxwell Lord, and he is released by the end of the show. While he could rat on the DEO for holding him illegally, they also have a lot of secrets on his illegal activities, so the parties agree to a truce.

Regarding the Master Jailer conflict, the DEO locate the ship and crash the party just in time to save the professor and Supergirl. Master Jailer was apparently taken alive, so there’s always the possibility that we see him again. Also, while we don’t know much about the “Myriad” initiative that Non mentions, the hologram of Supergirl’s mom lets the viewers know that it’s definitely something to be concerned about.

Where To Watch

CBS airs Supergirl on Monday nights at 8/7c. Replays of the most recent episode of Supergirl are available to stream on-demand at CBS.com. As revealed in the trailer below, next week’s episode introduces Kara to the Fortress of Solitude as she faces DC Comics villain Indigo.

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