Charlie Puth Apologizes A Third Time For Justin Bieber ‘Diss’ And Can’t Delete This One

Charlie Puth has apologized for a third and likely final time to Justin Bieber after bizarrely saying “F*** You Justin Bieber” at his Dallas, Texas, concert last week when Puth performed “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” a duet he recorded with the Biebs’ former girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Puth’s latest mea culpa is on video and comes after the humongous mess he made of apologizing to Justin Bieber — until now.

To recap: Twitter exploded last Friday, after fan-obtained footage of Puth’s seeming Justin Bieber-diss made the rounds. Hours afterwards, amid the anger of Beliebers, Puth reeled off his first series of tweets, apologizing for what he called a “lighthearted…inside joke,” which he claimed he regretted. He also said he was a “massive fan” of the Biebs.

For a reason best known to himself, the Nine Track Mind singer deleted those tweets. Early Saturday, Puth offered another tweeted apology — notably to Justin Bieber fans, not the Canadian superstar — before deleting it.

Fast forward to Monday, March 14. Puth’s latest apology took place during his appearance at the radio station Star 94.1’s The Jeff and Jenn Show in Atlanta, Georgia. After he was introduced by Jenn, who talked up Puth’s claim that his Bieber-shade has been misconstrued, she asked the singer-songwriter if he “had beef” with Bieber.

Replying, Puth said, “I’m glad we are bringing this up too. I have absolutely no Bieber beef.”

The 24-year-old went on, “Justin is one of the reasons why I started uploading YouTube videos. I used to see him singing on the coach and being all cutesy and everything. I was like…I want to be successful like that, too.”

Recalling his mindset when he misspoke onstage, Puth continued, It was me honestly being overly facetious and trying…it sounded funny in my head. And the moment I said it I’m like, ‘Why on earth did I just say that?'” He then insisted, “I’m not trying to be funny now, I was like ‘Why on earth did I just say that?'”

Seemingly earnestly, he admitted, “I should just like stop being a comedian honestly and just stick to the music because I definitely offended a lot of people and I felt…I’ve been feeling really bad for the past couple of days. I’m sorry. I really have nothing against him [Bieber]. I really am a huge fan.”

Watch Puth’s third Bieber apology below.

So, that’s Puth clearing the air. Whether it appeases Beliebers, stops media chatter about Puth’s outburst, or leads to a response from the (so far, silent) Biebs himself remains to be seen.

Inevitably, Hollywood Life and other gossip outlets are rabidly speculating that Selena has been indulging in some kiss ‘n’ tell with Puth, which led him to curse out Bieber. However, the New Jersey native’s video apology did sound sincere, so that seems unlikely.

Meanwhile, Bieber is powering through dates on the North American leg of his Purpose World Tour. On Tuesday night, the “Sorry” singer performed a sold-out at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, California, during which he invited a little girl named Mia onstage.

Take a look at the adorable moment below.

From another angle.

Critics’ reviews of Bieber’s imaginatively produced music Purpose Tour shows have been unanimously glowing, and not just for his set, which have mostly been songs from the star’s acclaimed, multi-platinum-selling Purpose album.

Concert-goers have raved over the choreography, acrobatics, lighting, set design, the new band, and the maturer performances and presence of Bieber as he sings, dances, and interacts with fans during his concerts.

Check out more of the Sacramento show below.

The next stop on Justin Bieber’s 64-date trek is San Jose, California, on Thursday, March 17. Whatever happens on the night, it’s extremely doubtful Charlie Puth will get the same joke-or-no-joke shout out he gave to the younger star.

[Photos by Frazer Harrison/Mat Hayward/Getty Images]

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